Venus Retrograde, May ~ June 2012

Venus retrograde
 Venus goes retrograde on the 15th of May 2012 at 10:33AM at 23 Gemini.  The historical and mythological associations of Venus are many and deep. On one level Venus does refer to how we need to express ourselves socially.  As well as to women, art, beauty and money; in short our tastes, wants and desires.  But I would suggest there is something deeper here, a mystery that we are only just touching on.  For Venus also gives rise to passions beyond conscious control, from the petty rages and jealousies that afflict us all from time to time to the crime passionnel (or crime of passion) within those relationships that have gone so dreadfully wrong.
In fact Venus when triggerred powerfully can awaken our most primal emotions can also awaken our deepest responses, often primitive, pre-verbal, pre- social responses that inhabit the deepest parts of us all.
I am reminded that the Aztecs set their armies marching of to war when Venus turned retrograde. 

Aztec soldier

Right now all the Astrology blogs and FB pages will be full of Venus retrograde stuff, and it is tempting to add to the discussion with some off hand remarks about the reappearance of old lovers etc, if only it were so simple. 
Venus goes retrograde for around 40 days every 18 months, it is significant but it will be different for everyone, because every chart is different it will be interacting differently depending on the house it occurs in and the planets which it will aspect.  There is help though but  it will require a little homework.
Venus goes retrograde at close to the same degree in your chart every eight years. This year it is at 23 degrees Gemini, during which time it will backtrack to 7 degrees Gemini, the begin her forward motion once more, in effect making critical aspects to planets three times. 
In May 2004 Venus went retrograde at 26 degrees Gemini, backtracking to 9 degrees Gemini.
In other words the themes and issues that were awakened for you then will be similar now, of course you are eight years older and eight years wiser but the themes will still be there so have a think about what was going on for you in May 2004, or even May 1996 and so on all the way back, chances are a theme will emerge, the next step in this process is turn that theme into a story.  A bit like a waking dream.
Hold it in your consciousness for the next 40 days, work on it, build it up, consult diaries and dream journals for that time and reflect on any unfinished business and you will be making the best use of this Venus retrograde phase.


Here are a few clues to get you started.
Whenever Venus is retrograde your natural inclination will be to deal with some part of yourself which may have been suppressed. This will very likely have to do with some aspect of your value system and/or sense of relatedness. Perhaps you have moved out of synch with your core beliefs or your true nature, if so its going to cause an imbalance until you address it.
Your experience of how you expend your personal resources, particularly time, love and money will be at issue, for these are primal investments. Remember too that Venus retrograde will impact you beneath beneath the surface on issues where there's a conflict between your actions and core beliefs and if  you're not clear about what your values actually are, it may be something some circumstance will require that you address.
Above all it will be a time of reflection.


That said this is where the fun begins.

Venus goes retrograde every 

18 months during its 8-year cycle when it returns to he same sign. This means that each retrograde period will occur in one of 5 zodiac signs forming a perfect pentagram. 

It was Pythagorus who said "God is always busy with numbers." For in this context the number five has less to do with quantities and more to do with spiritual and mystical qualities. 

The sign of union, harmony and balance, it is also the symbol of the human being and the universe.







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Amy Jo said: { Jun 27, 2012 - 12:06:09 }

I find it interesting that in the past few months Venus as well as Mars have gone retrograde. First, mars stations retrograde at 23 degrees of Virgo. Tthen Venus follows suit after mars goes direct, and reverses at 23 degrees of Gemini; both Venus and Mars retrograde stations happen in square to each other on the mutable cross. What a dance of feminine and masculine! Venus is in flirtatious and not-so-serious form in gemini as she flutters about, and mars is fighting for structure, decisiveness, and is beholden to no one in Virgo. 
Soon, mars will be in libra, and when it sets off that cardinal arsenal of Uranus and Pluto I feel we may see a whole side of Libran energy unexpectedly. 

psychic readings said: { Jun 12, 2012 - 01:06:26 }

Thanks for explaining about venus retrograde. I've found its helped me to rethink my way forwards and learn from my mistakes. Thanks for the clarity and explanation. 

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