Uranus square Pluto ~ Part 2

This post will focus on just one of the major transits contributing to the present chaotic times.

Transits refer to the continuing motion of the planets and their interaction with you on chart. These can be both personal as in affecting us individually very profoundly, they can also be collective, that is they affect the whole collective, that is everyone.It is important to remember that planets do not cause anything. They symbolise energies already at work within consciousness. These energies can manifest in certain types of experiences. Some are common to us all at certain ages, ie the Saturn cycle at around 29 & 43, some are individual depending on planetary placements in the birth chart.The recent eclipse is an example of a more personal ‘transit,’ personal in that the energies are more easily integrated into our daily lives and are likely to manifest as life phases coming to an end. Another current transit at present i that of Uranus Square Pluto, these transpersonal planets, are less easily integrated individually and a more like seen in the world around us. 
It is a theme I have worked before at http://astroquestastrology.com/pluto-square-uranus 
Pluto entered Capricorn around the same times as Lehman Brothers et al  hit the wall. Capricorn is certainly the sign that rules corporations, banks and governments and the GFC was a fitting prelude for what was to come. As Pluto passes through each sign it imposes is own brand of ruthless cleansing on the meaning of that sign. Pluto entered Capricorn in November 2007, it was retrograding back and forth over zero degrees in September 2008 when the biggest bankruptcy in US history took place. The rest is history. 
Pluto will remain in Capricorn until 2022, Hades never hurries!
Early last year Uranus entered Aries. Uranus moves somewhat more sedately but still takes seven years to pass through each sign. At the moment the two planets make a square that is they are exactly 90 degrees apart.
“Uranus Pluto transits being powerful awakeners, representing times when experiences are challenged, changes become inevitable, both within and without; and outworn structures  are swept away, along with all the long-forgotten patterns and accumulated compromises that no longer serve you, in unpredictable, explosive and sometimes disorienting ways, making room for the free, the eccentric and the unconventional.
Interpreting this aspect for an individual in whose chart it fell one would talk about such things as: 
Pluto/Hades represent the principle of death and regeneration, the invisible and the hidden come to demand its due, eliminating the useless and outmoded from your life. The effect of combining with the Uranian principle of sudden unexpected, uncompromising, and very likely upsetting change can be to create a total revolution in your life. So this is a time when you are going to make changes in your life; you will feel gut fresh and new. You will become more independent. People will admire and respect you for your independence and originality now. Music or other things of interest to you will help you to relax more than ever, but you may discover new meanings and reasons why they make you relaxed.
 Because Uranus Pluto transits awaken a whole age group, all experiencing it together, this may be a time when political, social, or economic upheavals are occurring around you in the outside world, and you may feel the inner desire to make personal changes as well. If change is forced upon you, accept it with good grace, and expect future benefits to emerge in the long run. Group relationships and friendships may be irrevocably altered at this time. Try to be on guard against unexpected financial problems. Basically, you have to adapt to changes now, and to make those appropriate to your own personal development, with care and thoughtfulness.”       
From www.yourastrologyforecaster.com
The same symbolism applies when interpreting collective transits. 
So what does all this man when we interpret it in the context of the global stage, which is where the creative parts come in, creative because we have to look at the symbolism, dwell on how these planets have interacted in the past and both reflected and defined the times, and then creatively extrapolate that into the future. The last time Uranus Squared Pluto was in 1929, and there was a GFC then, which in a no nonsense age was simply called what it was, a depression. Then Pluto was in Cancer, symbol of the home, roots, family, apple pie, thanksgiving, mothers & children, the areas most hit as families split and crumbled and breadwinners wore out boots attempting to relocate and worked in impossible conditions building such things as the Hoover Dam. Now Pluto is in Capricorn, the sign banks, governments, transnational and multinational corporations, national economies even currencies all of which are under threat.
Then, as now, Uranus was in in abrupt, impatient, ‘just do it,’ Aries.
Looking back at the great historical sweep of these two impersonal, transpersonal planets can be instructive. Pluto’s symbolism is suggestive of the “Underworld.” All that is dark and unacknowledged is brought to the surface for there can be no hiding anything anymore. Only total and complete exposure of whatever is unhealthy, unresolved, off-balance, abusive, shady and overly fear-based. Where does the collective shadow lie if not in nationalism and economics. Uranus’s symbolism suggests illumination, awakening, innovation and disruption, in short change
Historically  then….
Uranus and Pluto were conjunct in the 1850′s, also in Aries and what comes to mind are abolition, some gold rushes (California & Australia) the invention of the telegraph and the industrial revolution. In short massive change. An old order was breaking down, the world was changing, shrinking and minds (some at least) were beginning to open up to such Uranian concepts as freedom and equality.
Uranus Pluto made the next square in 1929, a year that speaks for itself in terms of the social / economic changes that followed. Think great depression without the social safety nets that exist today,quite apart form the private profit and public loss mentality which perpetuates the huge economic lie.

Uranus Pluto were in next in opposition in 1965 & 66,this time in Virgo, think the 60′s, The beginnings of Vietnam, Civil Rights, The Beatles, Timothy Leary and the Hippie movement … need i go on? A social revolution that ended the sleepy postwar 50′s and unleashed havoc on the then establishment. Remember Virgo has little to do with sexual chastity and a lot to do with being true (morally chaste) to oneself, beholden no one and no thing, except perhaps the cause of personal freedom.For those who find comfort in dates the are as follows, but remember these two have been within a degree of each other since January this year and will be until the end of 2016.  Ultimately what this is all about is a process during which these may be highlights.
Now we are experiencing another revolution of sorts, my take is that it will be a financial /economic one in which we will all be compelled by overwhelming circumstance to come to a new appreciation and value of money as a driving force and measure of value and exchange. The conjunction as been in orb since January and will be exact several times over the next year, now in June, December and again in May next, these will be seeding times in a process of slow meltdown that will continue over the next twelve years as Pluto continues its slow passage through Capricorn. 
Uranus Square Pluto  ~ November 1 2014 at 9 degrees Aries
Uranus Square Pluto  ~ June 24, 2012 at 8 degrees Aries
Uranus Square Pluto – May 21, 2013 at 11 degrees Aries
Uranus Square Pluto ~ April 21 2014 at 13 degrees Aries (watch this one the two planets make a grand cross with Jupiter & Mars)
Uranus Square Pluto ~ December 15 2014 at 12 degrees Aries
Uranus Square Pluto ~ March 16 2015 at 15 degrees Aries
Will this herald a huge collective wake up? I’m not so confident that people will “wake up”, life in the West is far to comfortable, which is not to say that many won’t be forced kicking and screaming into a state of wakefulness. They are not the same, one implies choice the other necessity, the sort of raw brutal necessity that these gods (Ouanus and Hades) so often leave in their wake.  For Pluto awakens first ones survival instincts and Uranus says out with the old. Give a thought to Pluto as it moved through Scorpio and AIDs emerged to take the stage and affect all manner of sexual relations since or Pluto in Sagittarius when the world split into the worst aspects Islam and the west, each living out the collective shadow of the other. Consider too Uranus as it moved into Aries and kicked off the Arab Spring and its western equivalent “the occupy Wall St movement ” which in local form has swept through cities across the world in what is essentially an uprising against another form of tryanny and oppression.
If there is a waking up it may well be to a nightmare rather than from a dream.

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Amy Jo said: { Jun 26, 2012 - 07:06:41 }

Well written John. Uranus square Pluto has deeply rooted itself in my thoughts lately and I can not help but wonder what events will reflect the energy of the times, as there have been revolts that seem to reflect this energy all over the world.

Diane Zeines said: { Jun 25, 2012 - 01:06:45 }

Good stuff.  Thanks for your insight.  It gave me a lot to think about, especially as to how it would affect each one of us personally, i.e., where Uranus-Pluto falls in our own charts.

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