Transit of Venus


From an astrological point of view it is impossible to be definitive about an occurrence that occurs only twice every 250 year or so years, other than to interpret it as a traditional Sun conjunct Venus aspect with the volume turned up by many zeros!  Remember Venus is also retrograde at this time, that is appearing to move backwards and although during its forward motion it will not cross the face of  the Sun this backward and forward movement over these points in Gemini will make them particularly sensitive if you have planets there or making hard aspects to them from Pisces, Virgo of Sag.  See
This rare event on the the 5th & 6th of June then, is made more special by other astrological events at this time. These transits come in regular pairs 8 years apart , the last was in 2004 when the accompanying picture was taken.  You can see Venus to the right, as it passes slowly in front of the Sun, because of its small size it does not cast a discernable shadow so is not an eclipse.

The transit preceding this was in 1769 and was observed by Captain James Cook and his astronomer from Tahiti.  This was prior to exploring the east coast of that Great South Land, Terra Australis and claiming it for his King.


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