Solar Eclipses

Eclipses are a very much maligned phenomena, traditionally there were considered to be portents of disaster, why not, the sun does go out for a time, after all. 

Modern astrology is a little more sophisticated and describes eclipses as pointing to the ending of one set of circumstances and the beginning of another. An eclipse, especially if it makes strong connections with your birth chart, will augur a period of change and re-orientation in your life. Solar eclipses may accompany a crisis in the essential nature of something or some circumstance in your life.

Endings and redirection's are vital and inevitable facets of the process of personal development so do not be afraid to say "Adios!" During the last eclipse the Sun Moon and Moon's Node, were all conjunct in Scorpio, the sign of endings and deaths that precede renewal. The message then was if we can let go cleanly then whatever is taken away will clear the way for something far more positive and life affirming.

A solar eclipse is primarily about the Sun, about manifestation. Bringing things forth in the physical world. Things that are aspects of who you are, your essential identity and self, your inner hero if you like. Part of this, and ultimately only you will be able to identify which part, has reached a crisis in its development and needs to change. How much will depend on how tuned in to your inner life you are and how well the life you are living serves you. 

 Never the less a solar eclipse is a powerful agent of change and change there will be!

These changes will be determined by the planet aspected and the aspect type, for example a sextile is not quite as dynamic as the trine, which on turn will be less challenging than say a square. If for example, the ascendant is involved it will bring with it an opportunity to work directly with your masks, persona and public image.  What may end then are affinities and identifications that no longer serve who you are.

If it were an Opposition to say Chiron it would have the capacity to illuminate and activate ancient wounds so that they might be exposed and attended to. The opposition being about powerfully polarised energies that require integration but often finding release in outer events, further stimulated and energised by any other planets in aspect to the Sun.

Mars for example will leave you feeling very bottled up, with energy to burn and mountains to climb while, say

While Uranus, say, will be referring to a more collective Promethian visionary process that shakes an shatters the inner and outer structures that confine life and keep you from experiencing the larger entity of which you are apart.  Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gifted it to man to relieve mans brutish lot. Uranus transits are a call to steal some more of that fire, not for us but for mankind.

Uranus is an outer planet and so we are dealing with mythic themes here, you can hunker down and wait for them to pass, (trying not to jump out of your skin in the process) or you can align yourself for a while with some thing larger and transpersonal and collective ~ which is where meaning lies for Uranus.

Transpersonal, collective shifts can be inner as well as outer, you don't have to run for president.

Before, I have used the crisis which is a loaded term worth exploring a little more. The pictogram the word 'crisis' in Chinese means 

both opportunity and change, which is essentially the promise of a solar eclipse as some large area of your life comes up for examination, maybe even referred for surgery. 

If you are in touch with your own inner processes there should be no surprises here, the changes will be fairly clear, if not, uninvited, unexpected changes may well be beckoning.

You will be particularly affected by an eclipse if it occurs within a few degrees of planets in your chart so dust of your birth chart, iron out the crinkles and check it out for yourself.  Anyway I hope you starting to get the picture, it is impossible to determine how the eclipse is going to work for anyone from a distance and without any dialogue about you and your circumstances but it can be illuminating to play with the symbolism and I hope this is of some help


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