A storyteller with a profound interest in the work of Joseph Campbell John's reports are presented in terms of the Hero’s journey, both are rich and full description of the pattern of your Hero Quest, as revealed by astrological symbolism, and of the challenges, treasures, trials and boons encountered along the way.
John’s approach to astrology is informed by his continuing fascination for myths, fairy tales and the profoundly personal healing   power of stories, both individually and collectively. An approach further informed by his involvement in dream groups since 1990.  Since then he has studied and explored dreams from many different points of view exploring both Jungian and transpersonal approaches in a number of long term dream groups as well as courses and workshops with leading national and international teachers. In addition John's work is informed by his strong interest and involvement in shamanic, transpersonal and ceremonial studies and practice, areas in which he has been involved since 1995.
In 1995 he founded Questline a leading national 1900 telephone services line with life operators offering services in astrology, dream interpretation, tarot and psychic consultancy. 
These, as well as the Tarot and Alchemy are all huge disciplines in their own right but at their core contain basic psychological truths that together further amplify, clarify and inform each other, to in a sense impart the wholeness they seek to describe.  Lamps that illuminate ones own story or myth. This perennial quest for an ever-changing understanding of our constantly evolving story can be a profoundly healing process, to which this small contribution is dedicated.
John holds a Graduate degree in Education.