Astroquest Astrology is a website committed to the task of making the insights and understandings of Astrology available, accessible and meaningful to its already wide audience of interested adherents and to those who intuit that its ancient truths still hold sway in this post modern age

It is by intention a 'mishmash' of the archaic, strange, quirky yet profound truths that have characterised astrology and its serious study over the last few decades.  It draws upon imagery from myths, fairytales, the symbols buried within dreams, art over the ages and other symbolic alphabets such as alchemy and  the tarot. All of these are woven together, like Ariadnes ball, to help us unravel the mystery of own purpose and journey, what Joseph Campbell called 'The Hero journey'.

It also contains my own idiosyncratic take on this hugely ambitious vista and the fruits of my various levels of dabbling, study and professional practice.   Last but not least it is also the shop front through which my astrology reports are available.

So stay awhile and wander through its labrythine corriders.

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