Pluto Square Uranus ~ from June 2012, to March 2015 ~ Part 1

Just as in the time of Copernicus, Astrologers still ponder major questions about the immensity of the universe and what meaning lies hidden deep within its mysteries.

Then Saturn was the most outer planet, now we know of over forty transplutonian 'planetary' objects most of which await classification, meanwhile Pluto has been demoted by astronomers to the realm of dwarf planet or planetoid.

No astrologer would be so quick to assign Pluto to such insignificance.

Very briefly:

When Pluto entered Libra in the sixties the whole idea of marriage as a single lifelong monogamous relationship between a man and woman began to be examined as all those things which had been previously taken for granted as desirable and healthy – boy meets girl, the marriage state, friendship between the sexes – were now seen as being amongst the chief obstacles to society's progress, social taboos to be challenged and discarded.

The week Pluto entered Scorpio aids was identified as an STD heralding a time transformed by the banner of the grim reaper and the prospect of individual death transmitted thus, in the process radically changing all forms of interpersonal, social relationships, globally. 

As Pluto traversed Sagittarius the fundamentalist life death struggle of faith and belief shook the world motivating one of the most defining moments in U.S history as opposing ideologies then began to out "shock and awe" each other. This period saw the rise of religious fanaticism and the compulsion to fight to the death to defend ones moral ground as an out-there expressions of Pluto's survival responses, filtered through Sagittarius' belief in absolute moral and spiritual truth and authority, no matter how distorting this is to its original source.

Governments, bank and huge corporations are Capricorns domain before which alter Pluto /Hades requires a sacrifice.
I would suggest that by the time Pluto leaves Capricorn in 2022 we will have witnessed an entire change in our understanding of what i
t is that defines us and what it is that we hold dear and give 'value' to in life. This is the time when decadent regimes collapse and new ruthless regimes rise from the ashes. In the business world, many upheavals take place, as new business strategies replace the old economic models and business practices.

Uranus another outer planet, impersonal and inevitable in Aries will in 2012 be moving in and out of a square with Pluto, triggering many changes on a global level.

More personally individuals whose charts are touched by these movements will be feeling the inevitability of many changes impacting on their life and journey. 

Uranus and Pluto last squared each other in 1929 and we all know what happened in Wall St then. Interestingly Uranus was also in Aries while Pluto was in Cancer, the sign opposite Capricorn where it is now. The Great Depression of the 30's had its biggest impact on families (Cancer) the concerns this time round are about governments defaulting and perhaps more banks collapsing (Capricorn). Interesting times!

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