Mercury retrograde in Pisces 2013

The first retrograde transit of Mercury in 2013 is a particularly interesting one. on the 23rd of February until the 17th of March, Mercury appears to be going backwards through Pisces. 
A planet is described as retrograde when, as a result of the orbital movement of the earth, the planet  appears from our earthbound view point to be moving backwards through the zodiac. It's a little like being in a stationary vehicle and when others beside you start to move and you have the experience of being in reverse.
Retrograde planets behave differently in that they have less of an outer focus and manifest much more internally.  Mercury is retrograde three times a year for about three weeks, during this time the traditional areas of Mercury's rulership will be highlighted in significant ways.  Mercury for instance being  the god of roads and ruling the ways in between, the linking routes between different levels of the psyche. Presiding over the wanderer, the merchant, the negotiator and the messenger, and all spheres of activity that involve exchange or communication of some kind or other will be affected.
Mercury right now is in Pisces, a water sign where thought processes are very much coloured by emotions and feelings and actions and positions become essentially emotionally based. As it moves backwards through Pisces mercury will again contact Chiron on both the 8th and 26th of March. Chiron in the  Element of Water reflects a sense of life's unfairness through emotional inhibitions and feelings of hurt, limitation or isolation in important relationships.
When Mercury representing the principle of mind, thinking, and the movement or exchange of ideas through speaking, writing meets  Chiron a number of vulnerabilities may surface. Such as experiencing painful realizations around issues of communication and ones mental abilities in general. Perhaps you are required to master  something new. If this is so be aware of health problems which may be related to nerves or exhaustion as ideas flood in. 
Chiron in Pisces often involves important experiences of disappointment in one's emotional expectations of others and these may well be highlighted right now. Including how truths from the family background not to mention a sense of disillusionment and helplessness in the face of collective human misery, that cause you to doubt your faith in life.
The route though then, that Chiron forces us to take, is one of deep reflection and here it is important you give serious consderation to the direction of your life.  Similarly if you want to stay on the right side of "Hermes" here us this time for re-organizing and reflecting, meditating, following your dreams and during this time of heightened inner awareness, slowing down a little. 
Chiron also describes where you are connected to your inner wound and suggests a route through this to healing, as well as the nature of that healing. the triple transit of Mercury to Chiron represents a unique opportunity in that Hermes was the only god who could travel freely down into the underworld, relaying messages to and from the gods.
Reflecting on your dream life, contemplating and allowing time for just being still are the keys to this time.  Who knows what messages Mercury/Hermes  may have for you? Although you might have to adjust your life a little to hear them!



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