Indigenous Constellations

Lake Mungo is a World Heritage in south west New South Wales in Australia. It is a site that contains some of the oldest surviving collection of prehistoric footprints and cremation sites going back some 68,000 years. Thats 30,000 years before the Neanderthals disappeared from Europe, and 30,000 years before the first Americans wandered across the then dry Bering Straits.   
That makes for 68,000 years of unbroken occupation and history of this ancient brown land. 68,000 years of unbroken culture,  spirituality and story unlike any other. A paradigm so different from the Sumerians some 63 millenium later that theyidentified not the stars that outlined the pictures they saw in the heavens but the black spaces between them.

One such constellation is the constellation of the emu which is a "dark" constellation, one that is made up entirely of dark dust lanes!"Dark" constellations are unique to the Southern hemisphere. In South America they had the constellations of the Tinamou (and Emu relative) and two llamas making up the constellation the Indigenous Australians called the Emu*.

The Emu  consists of the Coal Sack, the dark dust cloud that nestles in the crook of the Southern Cross (the head of the Emu), and a dark dust lane that stars near the Pointers (alpha and beta Centauri) and runs down to the curl of stars that forms the body of Scorpio. This is the neck and wings of the Emu. A second dark dust lane forms the lower body and legs.

Being made of dark dust lanes, it is almost impossible to see in any city. However, in the country it is almost immediately obvious. Once you spot it, you will wonder why you never saw the Emu before.

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