Sun in Taurus ~ I possess or the art of letting things go.

Taurus window at Chartres Cathedral
Taurus window at Chartres Cathedral

With the Sun in Taurus the Hero discovers beauty and the pleasures of the physical body and the material world. The first earth sign Taurus is concerned with the real, the tangible with the reality of the senses and of the earthy world. Material acquisitions and possessions help create the feelings of  stability so important for you and that you believe are needed to build a sense of enduring security.  In common with the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) you dislike change and resist both the new and what your four hoofed focus perceives as irrational or threatening to your quest for permanence.  Permanence of belief, of values, relationships, job, environment and place, none of which you will let go easily, if at all.

A mental ruminant you reach conclusions slowly, indeed others sometimes underestimate your intelligence because your concerns are with the material world and its tangible realities, and because you don’t place much value in abstractions. They don’t always see beneath this calm and outwardly placid exterior your great strength, enormous power, productive energy and prolific capacity to materialise beauty in the forms around you.  Nor do they see the concise uncomplicated thoroughness of your thought processes.

A sensualist through and through sensual pleasures and comforts are what attract, you prefer to create a home which is pleasant and attractive with a relaxing atmosphere which can have a calming and beneficial effect on others. You must express your feelings physically by touching the things you love, and by surrounding yourself with people and objects which prompt in you an meaningful, affectionate or approving response. As your life can pivot around home, the quality of the domestic life is crucial to your peace of mind and your health may be often related to your success in creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere around you. In fact your preference for a quiet life can make you appear a bit dull and you may at times feel let down by your refusal to take risks.  In fact your great conservatism can lean you toward being somewhat narrow of view, dismissing out-of-hand anything with which you aren’t already familiar, or that you can’t see, touch, smell or taste. Money for you is a means, a tool for attaining the beautiful around you.

With your feet on the ground you possess a practical and realistic outlook on the world, a creature of instinct you think with your hands and your hands create.  You’re also one of the most steadfast and loyal people around. You expect these qualities in your partner, too. However, you are also one of the most stubborn creatures alive! Being one of those people who always knows they’re right,  because unfailing instinct tells you so,  you’ll always stand your ground when challenged, with little regard for personal danger.


Your greatest strengths are your constancy, your generosity, your deeply, sensual and tactile, loving temperament, and your appreciation of all things beautiful. Your greatest failings result from your indulgence, stubbornness, and greed. A slow deliberative impulse that manifests the initiating impulse of Aries in tangible form. Taurus is amiable, sensible, steadfast and sensuous, displaying stability, purpose, persistence, determination, self-reliance, reliability and sincerity. Generally cheerful you are slow to anger but become unstoppable when provoked or in the face of sudden change, betrayal or potential loss.  Steadfastness of purpose, though, and the ability to withstand pressure, ensure that what flowers in Taurus remains evergreen.

One of the myths that are associated with Taurus’s quest is that of King Midas, who promising a white bull to the gods reneges and substitutes a lesser animal. Outraged Poseidon inflicts on Pasiphae (wife of Midas)  huge desire for the bull, the fruit of which mating, (another story) is the Minotaur.  Half man half bull the Minotaur’s hunger was only satisfied by human flesh and who as the embodiment of Midas’s shame must dwell forever in the labyrinth, to gorge bi annually on all that is young and beautiful in Crete, the cities youths and maidens.  We might characterise here the Minotaur as Taurus run amok, he has a bulls body but a human head illustrating how his rampant desires are overshadowed in the archetypal conflict between the heroic and the bestial with its insatiable appetites.

Midas flaw here is his inability to let go, to offer up, to recognise the god from which all emanates, but the story continues in a beautifully Taurean way, for it is Ariadne’s ball of string that enables Theseus to slay the Minotaur.  When all is too much and impossibility overwhelms, Ariadne’s unwinding ball of simplicity provides the means by which Taureans might navigate a pathway through the otherwise labyrinthine in life.

Here the idea is not to think in terms of  precise correspondences but more in terms of overlaps and associations that broaden your understanding, with this in mind another bull myth worth investigating is the Epic of Gilgamesh in which Ishtar, goddess of love and battle sent a bull against Gilgamesh who as champion of  the patriarchal order was her avowed enemy.  In a later reversal of this myth Zeus transforms himself into a bull in order to abduct Europa.  While desires of the flesh are a strong theme in the Taurean temperament sensuality does not have to emerge as lust and appetite. The sign also has an affinity with beauty and a talent for creating beautiful objects; enter Hephastos the smith of the gods, linked with Taurus through his relationship with the never faithful Venus / Aphrodite the signs ruler.

Finally, we need to give consideration to the Taurean shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can’t possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  Taureans strong desire for order can make them quite superstitious and their convictions, fervent. While their need for certainty can quite easily flip their beliefs into gross, blind ‘isms’.  For Taurus their values are the only values.  Another Taurus trait is their opportunism or tendency to use others as vicarious substitutes for things they cannot manifest in their own lifes.  For all this remember Taurus is a power sign and  represents the very power which surges from the depths of inchoate substance from the earth itself and is the meeting point of heaven and earth.  The Bull has four feet planted firmly on the sod and the power of the earth flows down from the cosmos, down through its crescent horns and into the earth.

As with the passing of years you develop into a more sensual person, and desire firmness and a secure basis for your life, as well as a fine taste for worldly goods (which you also acquire). Furthermore you become more focussed on your tasks, but may need to guard against  becoming too inflexible