Sun in Scorpio ~ I regenerate and I desire.

In Scorpio the Hero plunges into the element of water, into feeling and into depth, for they inhabit those places where all is not what it seems where the hidden is revealed, compulsions battled and the underworld of their being is intuited as a constant reality.   Scorpio is a sign of immense depth and immense insight whose domain is that which is hidden, such as the secret motive behind the mask of behaviour. It is about the secrets of the soul as they are propelled into a collision with all that is terrifying, dark, and destructive, so that, having weathered their own darkness, they may participate in the healing of the darkness of those around them. Scorpio is a sign of intense penetration and emotional power.

Capable of deep, incisive and analytical thought, your feelings silently vehement and your body capable of extraordinary endurance with a powerful urge to get to the root of any problem. Revealing little about yourself, you want to know everything about everyone else. You are eager to find out what makes others tick, and delve into the secrets and hidden agendas, to understand underlying motivations and desires.  For you knowledge is power which impels you understand human nature – especially the dark side of life – better than anyone which leads you to tend to mask your own qualities, rarely revealing them too openly. You are likely to be extremely determined and resolute, possessing a very powerful will when you choose to use it.  Forceful when chasing your goals and not averse to using subtle forms of manipulation over others to achieve those aims.

You have a powerful, almost magnetic persona, and though you may not say much it's impossible not to be aware of your presence. You also have considerable self-pride, and will not take kindly to being embarrassed or humiliated in any way, and would certainly never forget who it was that placed you in such a position. Your sensitivity and feeling nature is a main source of contact with the world; and usually if someone offends you, causing an emotional reaction, then your perception and future response to that person will be affected from that point onwards. Approaching everything with intensity and passion; nothing is done half-heartedly. An extremist, you throw yourself heart, mind and soul into any undertaking, usually experiencing lives filled with dramatic, even traumatic changes, and transformative situations  It seems that are continually sloughing off old parts of yourself as new parts are being born, so that your life is never static.

Extremely self protective you mask your vulnerability as if your very life depends upon it, which indeed for you it does so that  much of  your activities really are ploys to prevent you from revealing your feelings to just anybody. This can come across as a sort of  hardy worldliness, wherein originates your reputation for intensity, as those feelings which would normally be dispersed throughout the wider spectrum of emotional experience instead become focused, because you use them so selectively, on an individual target.

You like things to run according to plan. If you make your mind up to do something, than that's exactly how it's going to be. You'll persevere from beginning to end, whatever the project, what matters is singularity and fixity of purpose, and above all honesty to your own inner law, totally without regard as to other considerations.


There are many myths involving dragons, demons and many headed monsters that further illustrate aspects of Scorpio's pathway, all contain some sort of out battle with what is in reality an inner conflict. The Hydra is on such monster whose slaying came to Herakles. The hydra lived hidden in a cavern of perpetual night alongside a stagnant swamp. Only to reveal itself, murderous and vengeful after Herakles had loosed flaming arrows into her lair. Towering over her Herakles loped of head after head only to find that three more would appear to replace each one so that he was almost overcome. Finally remembering that the only way to kill the monster is to hold her up in the sunlight he kneels down (genuflects) in the fetid slime and heaves the monster up into the sun where one by one its head started to shrivel, except for the last head which is immortal and buried within it is a precious jewell which Herakles hides under a rock.

Such monsters represent different aspects of the emotional darkness that are Scorpio's lot to battle into consciousness, either most profoundly within themselves or out there is some regressive aspect of society.  Brute force will not suffice and the act of genuflection is instructive.  There is something within that requires both reverence and  the preparedness to enter your own dark caverns and engage with your own slime before rising triumphant.  Also the hydra, be it jealousy, vengeance, resentment, rage, thwarted sexuality, violence is not destroyed, such affects are indestructible, but she is transformed and reveals a treasure. Note also that this is also solitary battle, there is only one jewel, one must go it alone.

This leads us to a consideration to Scorpios's shadow qualities or hidden flaws of which there are just one or two.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! Possessive, jealous and  possessive again, not to mention unforgiving, when the Scorpio shadow emerges from its cavern it can devote itself single-mindedly to vengeance. However these are often not hidden to Scorpio's themselves, what is that so many of their ideas and opinions are emotional driven rationalisations that can lead to some huge distortions of the objective situation, peddled emotional fixity and  an almost fanatical fever. Another shadow quality is Scorpio's negativity, nothing can withstand its internal wither, and nothing can entice it out of its negative cave, and then there is Scorpios penchant for double standards, after all, they're different.

Your feelings then can swell from small ripples into absolute tidal waves. That's fine, so long as they find expression, and don't become dammed up inside. If this happens – that is, if you allow repression to take hold – your frustration will eventually spill over until those around you suffer too. But the ultimate victim will be yourself: self-recrimination corrodes. But you know all this, don't you? Still, there's no harm in repeating the obvious! Penetrating, enigmatic, compassionate and insightful, you greatest gift is your power to destroy old, worn-out structures and give birth to new ones, to explore the deepest dimensions of yourself and cast light where others cannot, to face their true desires and to experience the power inherent in them.