Sun in Sagittarius ~ I seek and I aspire.

In Sagittarius the Hero journey is the way of the wanderer, the restless adventurer, the free spirit whose vision soars across far seen lands and reaches new heights and does not respond well to the imposition of orders from others.  Sagittarius' energy is changeable, explorative optimistic and always seeking to understand, to find the larger underlying patterns of existence from which they intuit meaning.  It is primarily this that will keep you seeking all of you life, just as will your struggle with certainty.

You tend to make mental intuitive leaps, trusting your luck and finding that luck vindicates you so that you by pass rationality and logic steps; but sometimes you are too quick jumping to conclusions about things, and then resist changing your viewpoint – even when it is incorrect. You might also be considered eccentric for your values are spiritual rather than material, and you don't give a cuss about what the neighbours might think. You are also honest, sometimes brutally so to the point of tactlessness. However you may not always be fully honest with yourself, there can be certain tendencies for emotional self-deception; a dual sign self-enquiry may reveal both sides to your nature, one bright and amiable, the other broody and insecure and despite your seeming self-confidence and enthusiasm,  inside you often question your personal values.

This sign confers breadth of vision and the ability to assimilate quickly what may be a complex situation. However, you are not usually good at coping with boring details, (any details really). In ignoring the minutiae, you can run into difficulties, often not bothering with the small print. Adventurous, footloose, optimistic, unquenchable, Sagittarian's strive to communicate to others their own sense of the fullness of life, and of the underlying consistency they perceive in human aspirations.

Your glibness, self-confidence and positive attitude make you the life of the party and the initial driving force behind many an enterprise. However, you lack the organization and perseverance to see projects through to completion, and are much better at starting things than completing them. Challenge is essential for you and you constantly need  goal toward which to direct your arrow, this is difficult for you though because your arrow will never reach its ever changing target. Not that anything can pin you down any way.

A classic myth that further describes Sagittarius concerns the figure of Chiron who is half centaur and half god. As a herbal master of healing he knew magic and the wisdom of nature, a sage and a teacher he schooled the sons of kings in these arts as well as ethics and nobility. In a tragic accident he is accidentally grazed on the flank, that is his horse part, by his friend Herackles, by an arrow that has been dipped in the blood of the hydra.  The wound is incurable, his own skills cannot help him, yet he is immortal and can not die and so must ever endure great suffering.  Because of his suffering however his great wisdom increased and he continued his work as the wounded healer, eventually Zeus granted his request to exchange places with Prometheus in Hades.

This myth is salient when we consider that Sagittarius is able to offer meaning and insight to others but often not to himself, for beneath the boisterous generosity and good hearted optimism there often lurks a nagging despair and  sadness.  This is their wound, an affliction to their animal natures, keeping them tethered to the physical, earth bound when their spirit longs to rein free. There is often a sense of duality as part of the experience of Sagittarius. This might manifest as conflict between outer circumstances and inner necessity, a conflict between, vision and reality, between circumstance and necessity, spirit and matter, between the impulses of the animal and the divine.  Somewhere it will dwell in suffering in its cave, be it the job, the spouse, the mortgage, the ailing parent whatever it is that keeps it earth bound, holds you back. 

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Sagittarius.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! The first shadow character that slips is that of the crude, faithless braggart, loud, painful and totally lacking in awareness.  Then there is the dogmatist or bigot who has given up on mystery and spiritual aspiration to take refuge in certainties. Then there is the socially insecure 'Sag.' who needs to  big note themselves by pretending to be in the know. Not to forget the promiser who promises everything in wild unthinking moments of enthusiastic unreality, only to forget them again.

For the rest you have a highly developed sense of morality and principle. You instinctively respond to humanitarian issues, and have a passionate belief in freedom on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Indeed, at times you're overwhelmed by the feeling that a greater power is watching over you, that there indeed might be something 'out there' such that your roving aspiration restlessly impels you to face the dichotomies within, discern the grand design and communicate its meaning and purpose to uplift others.