Sun in Pisces ~ I redeem

In Pisces, the final of the twelve signs the comes to experience the  fluid, romantic, imaginative and the ineffable at the end of all things, the completion and culmination of all experience, selfless and idealistic.  Sensitive, self-sacrificing, forgiving and compassionate you identify emotionally with the plight of the suffering. You express profound compassion for the bewilderment of the human condition and seek the both the mystical through art, poetry, music, devotion, and your longing to escape from the banal and the mundane.

Generally sensitive, shy, introverted, emotional and compassionate. Peace-loving, kind-hearted and passive, you recoil from all forms of violence, coarseness and aggression. Self effacing your are also easy-going, sympathetic, trusting, kind, loving, charitable and modest; and not particularly interested in drawing attention to yourself.

Potentially, you can be quite creative if you succeed in finding appropriate channels of expression; and the most attractive areas for you will be the arts, especially where you can loose yourself and responses from your feeling nature are evoked. You tend to indulge in daydreams, partly as a form of evasion and escape from the demands of the real world; and you may have to be careful that you do not generate an inner climate of illusions, desires and wishes that prevent you from experiencing your actual reality, or even make you blind as to what is actually occurring; inner unfulfilled dreams can make you lose appreciation of life. As can the rejection or avoidance of your natural creativity natural intuitive abilities, for your more than any sign this is a road to misery.

Yours being the last sign of the Zodiac, it is inevitable that many features from preceding Sun Signs should have their residue in Pisces. This inheritance can be burdensome and produce chaos, or it can give you a broad church of intuitive understanding, and an intellectual capacity of unusual dimension. Such a broadness, when coupled with the receptive qualities of your element, Water, often makes it possible for you to be very open to extra-dimensional activity – what we call spiritualism – perhaps making you an unusually effective medium. Water also has its negative expression: a rampant emotionalism, producing an inability to discriminate the value of things, can give you a tendency sometimes to respond to illusory causes with an unwarranted degree of enthusiasm.

Extremely impressionable you have a gift of understanding, although this may come about by using a psychic faculty which you can unconsciously rely upon to receive information. You tend to 'merge your mind' with another during communication; and information is transmitted, often bypassing the conscious mind.

Your quest is to discover an inner faith, finding a clear direction and purpose to your life; and forms of humanitarian service may be a suitable path to look towards. For see your 'role' as the savior / martyr, and frequently help others at your own expense. Because Pisces is a non-personal sign, more concerned with the universal than the individual, you rarely consider yourself first. In fact, you may neglect yourself altogether: either through sacrificing yourself for an ideal, another person or God, through religious asceticism; or through ignoring your health and your body's needs. For this reason, Pisces sometimes is called the sign of self-undoing. At times, it may seem that you follow the most harmful or unproductive course, or get involved with people who aren't good for you. Your ego isn't very strong, and you may lack self-esteem and confidence. Consequently, your attitudes and behavior are sometimes self-destructive.


The oceanic depths of Pisces suggest more of a folk tale than a myth.  The story of the Sealskin begins with an old and lonely fisherman who steals the skin of a beautiful seal woman while she is dancing on the rocks and demands that she stay with him for seven summers.  The couple are happy enough for a time and in the ensuing years a child is born but by and by Sealskin begins to wither and dry longing for her return to the oceans.  At the passing of the allotted years the husband refuses to return her skin for fear of loosing her.  A terrible battle follows during which the son follows a calling to the sea where a great silver seal gives the boy another skin so that his mother can return to he true home beneath the waves, her son becomes a great poet, singer, drummer and shaman. 

Sealskin is an inuit melusine or mermaid, an otherworldly  creature from the imaginal world who sacrifices herself for a time to honour an agreement she is forced to make. All goes well until the man selfishly and lacking respect for the magical world and the mystery of her origins reneges on his promise. There is a melusine or its male equivalent, within every Pisces, they are the source of immense creative expression and meaning, a sort of daemon or muse, that is until the aged and lonely interior partner will no longer grant them their due. With this they return to their own beneath the waves, leaving their partner bereft, saddened and often taking refuge in hyper rational denial of mystery in any of its expressions.

This negative aspect of this can be your ability to go completely, fanatically overboard, loosing all sense of boundaries.  Aware of how just thin the a barriers between worlds are, you fashion a rigorously cultivated, intellectuality as a bulwark against this, to keep it all the world at arms length, the irrational at bay.

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Pisces.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! Pisces longing for the otherworldly will accept no limits and their thirst for spirit can come equally from the bottle or syringe. Pisces can also act out the myth of the misunderstood genius, misunderstood and unrecognised no matter how fertile their talents. Finally there is the victim who devotes their life totally to an abusive or ailing partner/parent/child/family system.

You are very sensitive and can perceive others feelings very quickly in such a way that they become your feelings, soaking up the energies of your environment like a psychic sponge. This makes it very necessary for you to spend time alone so that you can get back in touch with what's you and what's not you. Your great strengths are your intuitive connection with the source of all things, of your teaching that many of life's problems are unimportant compared to the real world of mystics, dreams and visionaries beyond the ordinary struggles and trivialities and banalities of everyday life.