Sun in Libra ~ I balance.

In Libra the Hero discovers the reality of the other, of a world full of fascinating others with whom they must learn to harmonise and balance. To learn to accept difference and to weigh up options, reconcile opposites and turn conflict and chaos into peace and order.  The Hero here studies the art of love and diplomacy so that they can interrelate in the best possible fashion, for it is only by coming to recognise the opposites within his/her own nature, and learning to balance them that he/she can relate to others.  You are a pleasant and an agreeable companion, looking for peace in life, but can often be emotionally quick to anger, especially within your intimate relationships. You will try to please everyone by using diplomatic skills, but can create situations where you are indecisive for fear of upsetting someone. Making decisions can be often difficult for Libra, and you would prefer to satisfy all options, not knowing what direction and decision to take.

Tactful, refined, diplomatic and socially adept, you are concerned with saying and doing the 'right things'. You want to make a good impression and to have everyone like you. You enjoy socialising; and your grace, charm and congeniality will be appreciated by others. Your favourite companions often display an artistic temperament which reflects your love of beauty, as found in nature, art, music and literature, as well as asserting free individuality and a dramatic presence which you would like to create as your self-image. Because you are intent on maintaining balance and harmony at all times, you shun strong emotion of any kind. Emotions are too unpredictable, messy and even dangerous, and you prefer to remain detached. Although you are superficially pleasant and friendly, you can be a bit bloodless. Your dispassionate nature, however, allows you to see things in a detached, rational manner; and you might be a master strategist. At the very least, you are good at laying plans, organizing people, and objectively analyzing situations.

You can be idealistic and mentally adaptable, having an intuitive perception which should be used for life-guidance. However, you will also be very impressionable; and this can lead towards romantic fantasising; sometimes a distaste for actual reality; impracticality; plus a distinct changeability to your temperament. What you most desire in a relationship is continual growth and development. If the modes of communication and expression between you and your lover do not change and evolve fairly continuously, you are likely to become bored with the relationship. Or you may decide to take steps to alter it yourself.  For you come to know yourself in relationship and fully through others which requires on going,  growth, change and renewal from both of you.

A fascination for people, as the reflections of your own image, can lead you to luxuriate in the company of others. For better or worse, you are frequently motivated by the desire for universal applause – or popularity – sometimes becoming provocative when the desired acclaim is not forthcoming. The reason you become provocative is because, if it were at all possible, you would actually force your detractors to like you!  Diplomatic, tactful, ascetic, and refined and possessing a great capacity for both physical and intellectual activity, you will often pursue issues even to the extent of amplifying them into moral crusades. The converse of this is your tendency towards impartiality, allowing issues to settle into a state of artificial neutrality in order to satisfy an instinctive need for equilibrium


One particularly interesting myth that further amplifies Libra is that of Paris the handsome trojan prince commanded by Zeus to judge which of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite was the most beautiful. Hera the goddess of marriage and hearth offered him fertility, wealth, power and rulership offer the greatest kingdom on earth. Athena promised him victory in all battles, together with glory and wisdom – the three most precious gifts a man could have. Aphrodite simple loosened her girdle and offered him  the most beautiful woman in the land, a woman equal to her in perfection of form.

"With her you will experience the greatest delights of love-making. Choose me, Paris, and she will be yours, the most beautiful woman on the earth." She coaxed. Well being a hot bloodied you fellow Paris chose Aphrodite who gave him Helen, never mind that she was married at the time and her abduction was the cause of the Trojan War.  In addition to earning him the implacable enmity of Aphrodite, and Hera!

Here we have seen Paris a most pre eminent Libran  confronted with the necessity of making a choice, knowing that every choice made implies possibilities lost, something inherently difficult for one who would have it all, and with these losses the necessity of living with the consequences of one's moral and ethical decisions.  It is curious that one so cued into harmony and fairness should be impelled into being the unwitting cause of such strife.  It was a case of loose, loose and so to it often is for Libra whose natural tendency is to appease and placate. Yet there's something within the Libra psyche that seeks to divide and split and demand again and again that choices between opposing imperatives be made. That ultimately Libran's might come to more fully know and complete themselves through the deepening knowledge of the processes and experiences of choice, and striving for perfection, and realisation of the other within.

This leads us to a consideration to Libra's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  One form in which the shadow emerges is that of the extremist who unable to cope with the continual choice life demands takes refuge in simple answers and dogmatic certainties. Another comes from the Libran insecurity which wanting everyone to like them flirts with the world and their own reflections that they see mirrored in the other.  Libra's charm is hard to resist, but at the end of all the sweet words and honeyed avowals it is just a game, all guiles and wit born of their own insecurity yet leading to the heartbreak of others.

Finally, it is interesting too, that despite your reputation for balance, you're really a person of extremes. However, there is one area where you do express equilibrium. There's a place you go to at the back of your mind where everything is perfectly still, at rest – where the scales have found their poise. You express this characteristic through, for instance, a love of poetry: the harmonious balance or words. Or, again, through a love of art, order and perfection of composition. This is your balance, then: projecting your inner stillness into your own environment. Yours is the only sign whose emblem is an inanimate object, the Scales, though you are indeed a thoroughly human sign!