Sun in Leo which the Sun rules ~ I create.

This is the Leo quest as Leo individuals experience themselves as their own unique creations which they can fashion into whatever form their quest for mastery they desire as they inhabit most fully the centre of things. Noble and generous you live in the centre of a world circle of your own making and drawing others together in joyful gatherings.  Your pride shines for all to see and although others may offer to help you on the way of your journey you will not accept it, for to take help from another means to deviate from their own unique path, and yet you willingly and generously offer help to others and can frequently be the support upon which others lean.

As a Leo you are attracted toward power, influence and being in the spotlight, where people notice you and where you can perform. If you can achieve such positions, then self-confidence rapidly expands; you will be more successful when you act from positions of responsibility and authority. Yet underlying these needs are feelings of insecurity and uncertainty regarding your abilities; and these need transcending by attaining some success. You have the opportunity to inspire others towards greater achievements, unless you become too obsessed with exerting power and influence over others and become too involved with you own self mythologising tendencies.

Leo is the sign of self-expression, and you seek to express yourself with flair and conviction in all you do. You have absolute faith and conviction in your own capacities which your  self mythologising tendencies may exaggerate conferring your unending belief in yourself seeing everything as an opportunity.   Highly creative, you may choose some artistic form through which to express yourself. Many artists have the Sun in Leo. At the very least, you love beauty and don't hesitate to adorn yourself and your home with fine (and often showy) clothing, furnishings and artwork. Although ultimately you hold your life up proudly as your most noble creation. A very proud creature, and you don't suffer fools lightly. The worst insult you can suffer is public embarrassment. The person who inflicts that kind of humiliation on you is your enemy for life. You tend to guard your personal dignity and self-esteem fiercely.

Master of the grand gesture you are the Sun Sign 'par excellence', in the sense that the Sun itself is your own emblem. Accordingly, generosity of feeling feeds you like the rays of the Sun: you rightly see these as agencies of warmth and regeneration. However, like the Sun, you can become on occasion self-centred, sometimes leading to others charging you with being inconsiderate, perhaps even egotistical. Still, the notion of individualism comes into its own in Leo, for it is natural for you to perceive yourself as being separate from the collective, a force in its own right.


One myth that illustrates the life path of Leo is that of Parcival, the very epitome of the hero on the quest. Starting out as a sort of holy fool living in a forest Parcival chances upon four knights riding past and determined to be like them sets off on his donkey to Camelot.  Combinations of chance, blunder and accident cause him to defeat the red knight whose armour he dons setting off in search of the grail.  When as chance would have it he stumbles upon the Grail King and enters the Grail castle quite early on his quest but fails to ask that most famous question. 'Who does the Grail serve?'  The next morning it all vanishes and Parcival spends the rest of his life trying to find it again.  Their quest, like that of Parcival seeking the vision of the Holy Grail is, first and foreeost, to find and understand the mystery at the core of themselves, that centre or source, which is the true creator and to which they must offer allegiance.

Like Parcival Leo musk ask themselves again and again the question. Who am I? Where have I come from? What is this yearning expression within that is so special that I feel to be so unique?  Leo knows that it is this that makes them individual, and that, which has given them life. Hence their drama, style, flair and show, as they struggle to create their own "self" or unique individual essence. The Hero in Leo here, personifies life in its quest for identity and individual realisation, proud, magnanimous and creative. In the words of Henry Miller ª The aim of life is to live and to live means to be aware, joyously drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Leo's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! Leo is the great 'I', the ego. Prone to behaving like monarchs what Leo wants Leo must have and what Leo says must remain final after all have they know everything. Another aspect of their darker side occurs when unable to make themselves shine above those around them then they will undermine them, making them smaller instead. Ultimately Leo's quest lies within and it is only when he/she fails or gives up, that Leo will seek instead in an audience.  All of which illustrates the necessity for Leo to find and live their own creativity.

You have self confidence, energy, generous and warm-hearted.  Anything that you achieve in life will be due to your own creativity, leadership, vitality and personal ability. Your love of colour and parade draws you to such things as the stage. The flamboyant display of big emotions by larger-than-life characters, the elevated language, the costumes the performance, all cater for your admiration of the grand event. Indeed, big subjects need big people, and you have a great respect for heroes and heroines, on or off the stage. You must try to guard against becoming domineering, vain or egotistical, the negative side of a Leo sun. Cultivating instead your warmth, generosity, vitality and example and the great gift of your ability to inspire, lead and uplift others, whether on the battlefield, the playing field on the stage.