Sun in Gemini ~ I communicate or the art of letting things happen.

With the Sun in Gemini the Hero discovers a fascination with world around them and everything and everyone in it.  They are drawn to the stories behind the stories of people, places and things, they thrive on details and love information which they absorb like sponges and exchange like currency without attachment or emotion, exploring fresh possibilities and revealing new answers to old problems. Restless, inquisitive, fluid and changeable Gemini's find themselves always at a crossroad, always torn between the pull of conflicting choices and imperatives wondering where they fit into the scheme of things.

Acquiring as broad a base of knowledge as possible in every area is as primary a need for you as food is for others.  You inhabit a permanent state of intellectual curiosity and are easily bored and often  resistant to pursuing only one direction. You need constant mental challenge and will be most fulfilled in a sphere of work which allows you to make connections between differing spheres of knowledge. Contact with people is also important and you need the freedom to communicate with personal as well as professional contacts who represent a wide range of opinions. Your reactions to life however can be a little erratic and varying according to your moods, you tend to be quite highly strung if life is not working out for you, and can feel very down as a  result.  You are not a naturally tranquil sort of person, needing to be almost compulsively active, without it there can be periods of anxiety, indecision, impatience and irritability.

Gemini represents the need to be flexible, curious, relatively uncommitted, to play with words and ideas. It is the need to communicate, which sometimes manifests as a variety of physical skills or physical restlessness and nervousness as well as, or instead of, a flow of words. You have a need to be able to explain things, to have logical, concrete reasons, to be a neutral observer rather than a committed and involved participant preferring to keep your emotions somewhat at a distance. Your relationship to life is generally an intellectual one. You have a good mind and you use it. You also possess that rare commodity – perception. This is the little voice inside that tells you when you're right, when you're wrong; and, most importantly, when others are right and wrong. It becomes a case after a while of always being one step ahead of events.

Gemini is the youth exploring all the myriad pathways of life before selecting the one which he will follow into maturity for Gemini sees all the multifarious aspects there are to life and is eager to learn about them all, to represent them on earth. As a Gemini your quest then is to learn, to teach, to read to write to study, and discover all the names of all the things in the whole wide world. To master the communicating arts and to perfect your mind so that it is a finely honed tool that you might share your perceptions and understandings about the world around you.

Yours is a quickening influence, dual, changeable, restless, characterised by versatility, articulateness, cleverness and almost insatiable curiosity.  As a mutable air sign you're forever being accused of being two-faced and superficial. When really its your versatility and adaptability that really bugs them. Others usually progress along predetermined paths and have great difficulty, in changing direction and incorporating new influences in their lives. You're faster than that; others know this, and they don't like it at all.

Socially, you're a flexible creature, a butterfly taking all kinds of lifestyles in your stride. Tolerance, and a liberal attitude towards what passes or not as acceptable, allow you to go further afield in your social adventures than perhaps others might care to experience.


One of the many of the myths associated with Gemini and involving a number of twins is that of Castor and Pollux, (Polydeuces to the Greeks) after whom the two main stars of the constellation are named.  After Leda's rape by Zeus in the form of a swan, two eggs are laid from one are born the twins Caster and Kylmenestra, from the other Helen and Pollux as the offspring of Zeus both are immortal, while Caster, although a famed horseman and warrior was the mortal progeny, along with Klymenestra, of Leda's husband King Tyndarous.  Caster is killed, slain by another twin in battle and his immortal brother mourns and pleads with his father to reclaim his brother back form Hades realm and restore him to life. The rules of the underworld are however clear, no one may leave lest they be replaced, so it is that it is agreed that while one twin may enjoy the life of the world the other must remain discarnate of spirit, never to be alive at the same time. While they may change places they are forever separated and for ever long each for the other.

In story form this beautifully describes your quest as a Gemini and your overriding need to resolve all the opposites of your outer experience that you may unite the twin halves that exist within.  To recognise, mourn and accept the discomfort of your own irreconcilable duality.  This may manifest partly in a great need to be partnered: more specifically, a great need to be twined. Since childhood it's been a pressing preoccupation, this matter of twinship. A lot of energy having been spent trying to solve the riddle of who belongs to whom, and how to find them! Dylan expressed it in this way.

 " I fought with my twin

 The enemy within

 'Till both of us fell by the road…"

In any case happiness will not be yours until you can look in the mirror and see not only your reflection, but also that of your soulmate.

It is important too not to think in terms of precise correspondences but more in terms of overlaps and associations that broaden your understanding, with this in mind we might also look at fairy tales in which twins feature like ªThe Two Brothers Ωwhere one brother either unfairly or mistkenly kills the other , often over a matter of misunderstood honour.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Gemini's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! One of these can be the refusal of Gemini grow up, beaming forever stuck as the Puer Aeternus or eternal youth (or maiden) who refuses to grow up so that with the passing of years the separation of the twins youth and senex, maid and crone become greater and greater.  Others relate to the twin issues of entitlement and belief that the world owes them something and that of the other chronic avoider who slips and slides through life and uses their verbal agility to avoid being pinned down and who will never be satisfied by anything or anyone because the lack is an inner one.  A final flaw relating to Gemini is their rationalising of their emotions marked by their ability to find excuses and explanations for everything, again we see at play the twin poles of reason and emotion.

These illustrate the concern that if Gemini's cannot face their own oppositeness and contrariness the shadow will inevitable fall on others. Usually siblings then partners as well as friends, or  even a child, any of whom will be doomed to forever act out Gemini's  bad side because this badness must exist somewhere outside, forever separated, but ultimately longing for union within. If Gemini has one task it is to face up to their feelings, to their desires, needs, jealousies, fears and longings rather than projection them.

Gemini cannot admit the reality of anything beyond the intellectual unless he/she understands it with his/her own rational faculties and tests of logic which analyses, sets up systems, proofs and controls. The gift of Gemini on the other hand is to explain to humankind the concepts and principles needed to evolve. They can communicate and clarify through the choice of words, through oratory the exact way of explaining themselves at all times, so as to uplift those around them through the acuity and precision of their thought processes.