Sun in Capricorn ~ I build, I order and I achieve.

In Capricorn the Hero begins to encounter formal structures, devotion to duty and a willingness to fulfil their responsibilities, not only to provide order, stability and material security but also as an expression of practical and social mastery. Your life will be characterised by an impersonal determination to master the environment and then yourself, so that you might shine as an example of the power of the human will.

You are hardworking, cautious, serious and reserved, intent on understanding and constructively applying the wisdom of the past in order to build a secure future. You are  thoughtful, practical, prudent and economical in your affairs, partly as defensives against the vagaries of life and partly because it is important to you to feel admired, respected and appreciated by others. You are not especially emotionally or physically demonstrative, and although you are compassionate, you may find it difficult to display sympathy openly. You prefer to serve others through action, by physical aid in some way, rather than by emotional support, as you are less comfortable with that part of your nature. You prefer to judge others and be judged by them through actions rather than words; to you, words can be many, but few tend to back them up by action.

Among your positive qualities are leadership, patience, persistence and efficiency.  You are also ambitious and willing to work hard for what you want. There is strength and integrity here and you're dependable and confident, so as to give confidence to others. In chasing your ambitions though, you will have to ensure that any failures do not frustrate or embitter you through your loss of perspective on the totality of life.  For you can also come across as dour, fortunately, you have an astringent sense of humour which leavens your essential gravity.


Impelled to build things that last, you are not easily discouraged by difficult challenges ant although you measure success by material security and position you place even greater importance on having endured a long testing commitment that has proved your stamina and ability. For mastery does not come easily, for you nothing does, and darkness and gloom are not unknown to you as attendant parts of your often solitary struggle

For myths that amplify Capricorn it s necessary to look no further than to Saturn /Cronos the sign's ruler.  Cronus rose up to overthrow Uranus /Ouranus the sky god and it was further prophesied that he would be overthrown by his son Zeus and he in turn by one of his son's Apollo.  Ouranus the great sky father found his children so ugly that he had them banished to Tartarus, at the instigation of his mother his son Cronus took to him with a sickle, severing his genitals.  Out of fear of history repeating Cronos swallowed his own children immediately on their birth. He in turn was eventually cast down by Zeus who grew to manhood after Rhea tricked Cronos by substituting a stone wrapped in swaddling cloths as a newborn.

These archetypal father son conquests and father son dynamics are deeply compelling for Capricorn for whom father is the earth itself, the reality principle and his 'bondage' to it and the almost alchemical substance over which, for them, mastery is so important.  For Capricorns it is also the direction the father gives, so that they may well find themselves swallowed up by the tyrannical 'fathers' (or mothers) of society, church, career, or family system and their attendant duties and commitments.  The sickle, an implement used in the harvest, and it's target, the genitals, links this to the fertility sacrifice of the king necessary if the earth is to continue to give forth its bounty.  By extension it links it to something that Capricorn must also sacrifice if the world is to give them their due.  Cronus is both the young king and also the old and with each death comes the cry 'long live the king' ~ the principle goes on.  The spirit Capricorn must serve is a patriarchal one with all its obligatory, attendant structures which demand dutiful service to the end.

It comes as no surprise then that some members of this sign seem never to have been young. Nor are they strangers to dark moods; but their somber outlook binds them all the more compulsively to their obligations and ultimately a hard earned acceptance of the order of things.

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Capricorn.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic! One unacknowledged aspects of Capricorn can emerge as the puritanical disciplinarian, the do as I say, authoritarian bent on imposing the worst aspect of his own 'inner tyrant' on those around him. Another is their conviction that they know best, and knowing best means imposing their view of things everywhere on everything and everyone they can, fate all, it's for their own good. Some of this harks to their greatest failings which usually have their roots in your rigidity, emotional distance and fear of change.

More optimistically though your greatest gift is the structure, order and stability you provide, particularly in the public, professional and social spheres, by your effectiveness in practical terms, and by getting things done, all informed by yout quest to find an unshakeable faith in the waste land of material life.  Capricorn is an influence for prudence, achievement, responsibility, conformity.  Capricorn's are hardworking, controlled, and alone.