Sun in Cancer ~ I belong.

When the Sun is in Cancer the Hero discovers the feeling realm, their sense of personal past, their kin and the impulse to birth the things of their imagination, the inner children of their creations. A mixture of contradictions, shy and responsive yet confident and ambitious, whose task is to disentangle the web of feelings and to develop clarity of thought.  This is a cardinal sign, full of energy and possessing a great ambition to do something in the world. Yet, this driving ambition is difficult to see because of the emotional tensions. For you are emotional, and often sensitive almost to the point of touchiness. Like your emblem, the Crab, you can acquire an outer shell of resilience with a vulnerable interior. For Cancer must have a shell, primarily because Cancer has no shell. Being an emotional creature, you're often given to moods. These can last for minutes or days. No-one, not even you, can tell how long they'll take to pass. For you they're your shell as they allow you to block off external pressures and influences until you've gathered your normal composure.

This can create situations where you often feel hurt by others – intentionally or not – and you feel extremely vulnerable and defensive. You will have a strong concern for family well-being, and will be very emotional and sentimental towards them, with a very private attachment to your mother, mothering and your own capacities for nurture, irrespective of your gender. You often look back towards your childhood, feeling that it holds an important set of memories for you. You can be fearful of what the future holds, and usually you will avoid looking too hard in that direction. You respond better to feelings than to words and sometimes these are expressed as moods as expressions, nuances of  feelings, idealisations, hopes, dreams.

When you reject your intuitive energy, you become very stiff and over rational. It's usually a cover for a wonderful intuitive self you haven't learned to value. It needs to come out; that you need, that you hurt, that you long to belong and cannot believe that you are merely an isolated fragment of life flying through space unto their death. An important part of your quest therefore is to know your own origins, understand your roots, to come to know where you come from, so that you can open to the flow of feelings and nurture the budding consciousness of those you love with your own protective empathy.

Born with the Sun in Cancer your prodigious memory helps you feel connected with the past through a sense of history and emotional interaction with others. Tougher and more  tenacious than you appear, yours is one of the most silently determined of all the signs as you move  cautiously and often circuitously  toward goals  which you rarely reveal until success is assured. You will  be most fulfilled in a field of work providing plenty of  human contact, and a sense of helping to preserve the  traditional values and roots of the family, the  community or the nation. Cancer needs to feel a secure part the familiar, particularly the past, so that their own creative roots may be tapped in order to give birth to the images of their unconscious.


 In myth the crab of Cancer features in one of Herakles twelve labours, in particular during his battle with the nine headed Hydra, when a huge crab emerged from the deep snapping and biting Herakles on the feet and ankles before fastening its pincers on his heel, undermining the hero with this peculiarly characteristic Cancerian manoeuvre. Herakles eventually stomped the crab to death only for it to be honoured by Hera who placed it in the heavens.  This association with Hera, goddess of woman and marriage as well as the continuity and stability of family bonds, clearly places the Crab in familiar Cancerian territory.  In common with Cancer, Hera was  relentless in her jealous persual of Zeus various consorts as well as of Herakles, his favourite bastard son.  While the crab itself is an ancient creature that those inhabits places where earth and sea meet, adapting to the rhythmic flow of the oceans and pull of the ever changing phases of the moon ever buffeted by the sea of human feeling and continuity. 

This sympathy for the flowing, inner nature of things leads to an openness to the idea of 'soul'.  Your moodiness then can become a negative outlet for 'soulful' feelings or even sentimentality and your feeling for things past. These myths counsel you to beware of doing others bidding or of getting others to do yours, of becoming overly possessive or of your tendency to live through others. They inform us that there is a time for opening those emotional pincers and letting go.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Cancer's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  In common with the other water signs Cancers are masters of the art of passive resistance. This is a powerful weapon which, when wielded, makes the individual unapproachable.  Cancerians are masters at reading emotional currents  and playing emotional games, particularly in regard to relationships which they do not relinquish easily. While your moods cannot only be a response but also a weapon, this version of Cancer is of a cold creature, overly sensitive and often sarcastic, carping, critical, and quick to blame others.

Cancer then is sign of great complexity and depth, an enormously creative and protective individual you have a strong desire to screen not only yourself but others from potentially adverse influences even to the point of being over protective. Emotional, fluid, moody, changeable and deeply vulnerable.  A home lover and haven maker whose nurturing influence,  resourcefulness, and instinctive compassion, incline you to generously bestow to others the benefit of your inner spiritual nature.