Sun in Aquarius ~ I reform.

In Aquarius in the element of air the Hero expresses ideas, visions, potentials and discovers that the world the platform for their inventive genius and strongly held ideals.  A philanthropist and philosopher whose visions encompass the whole human family. You bring new concepts to everything you touch. Making innovations in social work, spirituality, humanitarian areas and the scientific world. You take the traditional ideas, and bring them into new perspectives.

Always ahead of your time, you are seen by others as a bit different or unusual – an image you encourage. You like to shock people and shake up institutions that have become too rigid. You have the ability to bring a breath of fresh air into stale, stagnant environments. Humanitarian idealism however, is not always easy to live with and you may well fell alone, and as a consequence self doubt, being so much more comfortable with ideas and principles than with your feelings.

You are often motivated by strong ideals, which you try to use as a guiding force in your life. You believe in the values of a co-operative approach to life, but this can clash with your need for personal freedom. You often forcefully project your ideas and thoughts; and idealistic or practical disagreements with others can break down attempts at co-operation.  Ultimately though friendship is your matrix – friendship and truth – friendly, gregarious and progressive you are drawn to new people and perspectives.  You can however also be both stubborn and determined, tending toward inflexibility in your attitudes. Your dispassionate approach can be interpreted as an attitude of superiority meanwhile your air of convinced self belief can cause you to unwittingly patronise those whom you see as unfit or unable to come up to your exacting standards.

Positively though, you are capable of applying great energy towards furthering any cause that you believe in, and are likely to tend towards unorthodoxy and unconventional behaviour, attitudes and ideas; sometimes you can be unpredictable, eccentric, and attracted to anything unusual, at least through curiosity. Involved with the big picture you view institutions not just as impersonal labyrinths serving only those who 'belong', but as potential beacons for the masses, allowing their light to filter from the top down, until all the whole world is illuminated. Always looking to the future though, you do run the risk of losing touch with the present and not learning from the past.

You are very concerned with bringing to the attention of many the ideas, or knowledge, of the few. You see ideas as being the natural property of the world at large and, in the propagation and spreading of them, you will effectively become the servant of whatever cause you champion.  You subordinate your individuality to a wider group for you view society itself as a collective which must accommodate the individual, not as a collective that might create a series of individuals. You're the great humanitarian, the dispenser of insight and knowledge, much committed to minimising the distance between man and his future. You give the wealth of your mind and energy away freely, sometimes for little reward, sometimes for none at all. But for the satisfaction of having been of service. You have done what you do best – communicated the gifts of your spirit for the benefit of society.

A classic myth associated with Aquarius concerns the figure of Prometheus. In the very beginning Prometheus, one of the Titans, seeing the darkness in which people then lived and knowing that life it could be so much more than a short, harsh and brutish existence, took pity and stole some of Zeus' fire.  This was not for himself but was gift for mankind. Outraged Zeus condemned him to a life of eternal torment whereby he was chained him to a rock where each day an eagle would land and feast upon his liver, only so it would grow back again overnight so that his agony could be continued. Eventually he was set free by Heracles.

Fire might be interpreted symbolically as knowledge, divine understanding, creativity power, all of which have a price that must be paid to the gods. This noble, altruistic impulse full of potential somehow goes against the gods so Prometheus must bear the  consequences. Looking at his punishment also symbolically we might see it as an inner torment, eaten up from inside by that most regal of beasts, an eagle. Aquaurian's often embody this sense of being consumed from within, eaten up, with an unease bordering on guilt because their ideals are so lofty and unattainable and can not be lived up to.  Uranus who rules Aquarius, banished his children because he found them so ugly, the vision is always so much moor perfect than the reality, and this especially so for Aquarius whose civilising fervour wants to repress the earthy, the unformed and the repugnant Things, qualities that are also of the world in which where we live, that must also be honoured for Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn. These then are the two gods that Aquarius' must serve.  

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Aquarius.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! There can be self centreness about the unconscious Aquarian, born of his solitary vision and need to liked which impels him to take centre stage and dominate. Another can be the disparity between his collective vision and his personal relationships, what is said versus what is done and finally the need to reform everyone because their way is the only way and the right way. Weird, but shadows are just that invisible and unconscious.

More positively your quest is to contribute your visionary energy to the growth of the collective, to articulate truths embedded in universal ideals that the world around you and the people in it might realise their full potential.  Idealistic, liberal, and broad-minded, unconventional and ahead of your time .  Detached, often alone, even within your group, you coordinate people and concepts according to logical, consistent, civilising principals of right and wrong.  At your best, you are the one who fights for liberty and justice for one and all.