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The archer, the centaur, the astrological archer, zeus




 Sun in Aries ~ I am and I do.

 The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a leader and symbol of unlimited power and individuality and as an Aries your quest is to discover and glorify the vitality of  life, by winning, by being first and to cultivate a sense of the exuberance of life, asserting yourself in the world through the single pointed focus of energy towards ever new experience, and to redeem that which everyone else has either abandoned, or else, has calcified in the stifling values of the collective.

Headstrong and impulsive, a sign of fresh starts and new beginnings, as an Aries you takes risks and give orders delighting in the challenge and your capacity to initiate an impulse, pioneer a task and direct your enthusiasm and energy. You act first and can  often act on a whim without regard for protocol, timing, or the wishes or opinions of others.  Finishing things off however is not a strong point, for you starting is the adventure, be it physical, spiritual or intellectual. There is a profound need to pit yourself against life and to experience you own potency and power through struggle, visible achievement and 'locking horns' with whatever stands in your way.

Your fiery inner drive makes you the motivating force in any relationship. You tend to have so much physical energy that you can awaken all sorts of feelings in your partner, even feelings that have long been dormant.  As an Arian you can assume authority quickly, but must resist the impulse to 'ram' ahead, pushing whoever is there out of the way. It is natural for the Arians to assume authority and responsibility. They can be inspired forces within a group. There is a joyousness and enthusiasm about Aries making them an inspiration to others. Ideas and creative projects seem to flow from them in a never-ending stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, you can be self-concerned, with a need to be noticed, though you're not necessarily always individualistic. strongly held feelings promote a self-assertive approach; you have a desire to lead for its own sake, regardless of your qualification for doing so. You are energetic, impatient, impulsive: your rashness occasionally can lead to conflict. A headstrong attitude can predominate, often resulting from insufficient prior thoughtfulness. Nevertheless, you have a capacity for great intellectual activity. Intellectually and physically you are frequently enterprising and bold: 'who dares wins' should often be your motto. Challenges are seen by you as a chance to assert yourself over an enemy: winning, and a sense of achievement, are powerful incentives. They feed your extremely strong sense of your own individuality, to the extent that you can preoccupied by our own rightness and oblivious to others and your environment.

Yours is an audacious, crusading spirit that thrives on innovation and renewal. Enthusiastic, one pointed, always impatient and often impetuous you are spontaneous, upfront and uncompromisingly honest. Energetic and spirited Aries are incapable of artifice or pretence.


A classic myth that describes the arian quest is that of Jason and the Golden Fleece, describing the naive enthusiasm, unthinking courage and wilfulness associated with this sign. Jason, an archetypal solar hero, embarks on a quest to capture the Golden Fleece in order to regain his share of his fathers kingdom from his usurping uncle. Jason builds a ship (the Argo) fills it with heroes (argonauts) and embarks on his heroic adventure.  Overcoming many challenges and conquering many strange creatures he enlists the help of Medea whose sorcery subdues the dragon guarding the fleece. Here the fleece is gained through the intervention of the feminine, which achieves what the ego can not. This myth also hints at one of the flaws of Aries, for Jason's downfall results from his rejection of the feminine, when he dumps Medea, thereby inciting its spiteful aspect.

Here the idea is not to think in terms of precise correspondences but more in term so of overlaps and associations that broaden your understanding, with this in mind Aries myths abound amongst the many Arthurian stories.  Also Robin Hood might easily have been an Aries and there are also commonalities with the first of Hercules labours.  If the Tarot speaks to you think King of Wands,  aspects of the Fool, the Magician.   

Finally, we need to give consideration to the shadow qualities or hidden flaws of Aries.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others, just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion here entirely academic! One of Aries flaws comes from their conviction that they are special in some way and that it is their birthright to be rescued and provided for.  Another is their unmercifully fussiness, even to the point often needing to redo even things that are done for them, and because Aries tends to see everything symbolically apparently  small things can cause them to mount a crusade against and all that is wrong with the world and unleash no amount of fiery temper.

Goethe might have been referring to Aries when he said…

 "Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now."



Sun in Taurus ~ I possess or the art of letting things go.

With the Sun in Taurus the Hero discovers beauty and the pleasures of the physical body and the material world. The first earth sign Taurus is concerned with the real, the tangible with the reality of the senses and of the earthy world. Material acquisitions and possessions help create the feelings of  stability so important for you and that you believe are needed to build a sense of enduring security.  In common with the other fixed signs (Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) you dislike change and resist both the new and what your four hoofed focus perceives as irrational or threatening to your quest for permanence.  Permanence of belief, of values, relationships, job, environment and place, none of which you will let go easily, if at all.

A mental ruminant you reach conclusions slowly, indeed others sometimes underestimate your intelligence because your concerns are with the material world and its tangible realities, and because you don't place much value in abstractions. They don't always see beneath this calm and outwardly placid exterior your great strength, enormous power, productive energy and prolific capacity to materialise beauty in the forms around you.  Nor do they see the concise uncomplicated thoroughness of your thought processes.

A sensualist through and through sensual pleasures and comforts are what attract, you prefer to create a home which is pleasant and attractive with a relaxing atmosphere which can have a calming and beneficial effect on others. You must express your feelings physically by touching the things you love, and by surrounding yourself with people and objects which prompt in you an meaningful, affectionate or approving response. As your life can pivot around home, the quality of the domestic life is crucial to your peace of mind and your health may be often related to your success in creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere around you. In fact your preference for a quiet life can make you appear a bit dull and you may at times feel let down by your refusal to take risks.  In fact your great conservatism can lean you toward being somewhat narrow of view, dismissing out-of-hand anything with which you aren't already familiar, or that you can't see, touch, smell or taste. Money for you is a means, a tool for attaining the beautiful around you.

With your feet on the ground you possess a practical and realistic outlook on the world, a creature of instinct you think with your hands and your hands create.  You're also one of the most steadfast and loyal people around. You expect these qualities in your partner, too. However, you are also one of the most stubborn creatures alive! Being one of those people who always knows they're right,  because unfailing instinct tells you so,  you'll always stand your ground when challenged, with little regard for personal danger.


Your greatest strengths are your constancy, your generosity, your deeply, sensual and tactile, loving temperament, and your appreciation of all things beautiful. Your greatest failings result from your indulgence, stubbornness, and greed. A slow deliberative impulse that manifests the initiating impulse of Aries in tangible form. Taurus is amiable, sensible, steadfast and sensuous, displaying stability, purpose, persistence, determination, self-reliance, reliability and sincerity. Generally cheerful you are slow to anger but become unstoppable when provoked or in the face of sudden change, betrayal or potential loss.  Steadfastness of purpose, though, and the ability to withstand pressure, ensure that what flowers in Taurus remains evergreen.

One of the myths that are associated with Taurus's quest is that of King Midas, who promising a white bull to the gods reneges and substitutes a lesser animal. Outraged Poseidon inflicts on Pasiphae (wife of Midas)  huge desire for the bull, the fruit of which mating, (another story) is the Minotaur.  Half man half bull the Minotaur's hunger was only satisfied by human flesh and who as the embodiment of Midas's shame must dwell forever in the labyrinth, to gorge bi annually on all that is young and beautiful in Crete, the cities youths and maidens.  We might characterise here the Minotaur as Taurus run amok, he has a bulls body but a human head illustrating how his rampant desires are overshadowed in the archetypal conflict between the heroic and the bestial with its insatiable appetites.

Midas flaw here is his inability to let go, to offer up, to recognise the god from which all emanates, but the story continues in a beautifully Taurean way, for it is Ariadne's ball of string that enables Theseus to slay the Minotaur.  When all is too much and impossibility overwhelms, Ariadne's unwinding ball of simplicity provides the means by which Taureans might navigate a pathway through the otherwise labyrinthine in life.

Here the idea is not to think in terms of  precise correspondences but more in terms of overlaps and associations that broaden your understanding, with this in mind another bull myth worth investigating is the Epic of Gilgamesh in which Ishtar, goddess of love and battle sent a bull against Gilgamesh who as champion of  the patriarchal order was her avowed enemy.  In a later reversal of this myth Zeus transforms himself into a bull in order to abduct Europa.  While desires of the flesh are a strong theme in the Taurean temperament sensuality does not have to emerge as lust and appetite. The sign also has an affinity with beauty and a talent for creating beautiful objects; enter Hephastos the smith of the gods, linked with Taurus through his relationship with the never faithful Venus / Aphrodite the signs ruler.

Finally, we need to give consideration to the Taurean shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  Taureans strong desire for order can make them quite superstitious and their convictions, fervent. While their need for certainty can quite easily flip their beliefs into gross, blind 'isms'.  For Taurus their values are the only values.  Another Taurus trait is their opportunism or tendency to use others as vicarious substitutes for things they cannot manifest in their own lifes.  For all this remember Taurus is a power sign and  represents the very power which surges from the depths of inchoate substance from the earth itself and is the meeting point of heaven and earth.  The Bull has four feet planted firmly on the sod and the power of the earth flows down from the cosmos, down through its crescent horns and into the earth.

As with the passing of years you develop into a more sensual person, and desire firmness and a secure basis for your life, as well as a fine taste for worldly goods (which you also acquire). Furthermore you become more focussed on your tasks, but may need to guard against  becoming too inflexible



Sun in Gemini ~ I communicate or the art of letting things happen.


With the Sun in Gemini the Hero discovers a fascination with world around them and everything and everyone in it.  They are drawn to the stories behind the stories of people, places and things, they thrive on details and love information which they absorb like sponges and exchange like currency without attachment or emotion, exploring fresh possibilities and revealing new answers to old problems. Restless, inquisitive, fluid and changeable Gemini's find themselves always at a crossroad, always torn between the pull of conflicting choices and imperatives wondering where they fit into the scheme of things.

Acquiring as broad a base of knowledge as possible in every area is as primary a need for you as food is for others.  You inhabit a permanent state of intellectual curiosity and are easily bored and often  resistant to pursuing only one direction. You need constant mental challenge and will be most fulfilled in a sphere of work which allows you to make connections between differing spheres of knowledge. Contact with people is also important and you need the freedom to communicate with personal as well as professional contacts who represent a wide range of opinions. Your reactions to life however can be a little erratic and varying according to your moods, you tend to be quite highly strung if life is not working out for you, and can feel very down as a  result.  You are not a naturally tranquil sort of person, needing to be almost compulsively active, without it there can be periods of anxiety, indecision, impatience and irritability.

Gemini represents the need to be flexible, curious, relatively uncommitted, to play with words and ideas. It is the need to communicate, which sometimes manifests as a variety of physical skills or physical restlessness and nervousness as well as, or instead of, a flow of words. You have a need to be able to explain things, to have logical, concrete reasons, to be a neutral observer rather than a committed and involved participant preferring to keep your emotions somewhat at a distance. Your relationship to life is generally an intellectual one. You have a good mind and you use it. You also possess that rare commodity – perception. This is the little voice inside that tells you when you're right, when you're wrong; and, most importantly, when others are right and wrong. It becomes a case after a while of always being one step ahead of events.

Gemini is the youth exploring all the myriad pathways of life before selecting the one which he will follow into maturity for Gemini sees all the multifarious aspects there are to life and is eager to learn about them all, to represent them on earth. As a Gemini your quest then is to learn, to teach, to read to write to study, and discover all the names of all the things in the whole wide world. To master the communicating arts and to perfect your mind so that it is a finely honed tool that you might share your perceptions and understandings about the world around you.

Yours is a quickening influence, dual, changeable, restless, characterised by versatility, articulateness, cleverness and almost insatiable curiosity.  As a mutable air sign you're forever being accused of being two-faced and superficial. When really its your versatility and adaptability that really bugs them. Others usually progress along predetermined paths and have great difficulty, in changing direction and incorporating new influences in their lives. You're faster than that; others know this, and they don't like it at all.

Socially, you're a flexible creature, a butterfly taking all kinds of lifestyles in your stride. Tolerance, and a liberal attitude towards what passes or not as acceptable, allow you to go further afield in your social adventures than perhaps others might care to experience.


One of the many of the myths associated with Gemini and involving a number of twins is that of Castor and Pollux, (Polydeuces to the Greeks) after whom the two main stars of the constellation are named.  After Leda's rape by Zeus in the form of a swan, two eggs are laid from one are born the twins Caster and Kylmenestra, from the other Helen and Pollux as the offspring of Zeus both are immortal, while Caster, although a famed horseman and warrior was the mortal progeny, along with Klymenestra, of Leda's husband King Tyndarous.  Caster is killed, slain by another twin in battle and his immortal brother mourns and pleads with his father to reclaim his brother back form Hades realm and restore him to life. The rules of the underworld are however clear, no one may leave lest they be replaced, so it is that it is agreed that while one twin may enjoy the life of the world the other must remain discarnate of spirit, never to be alive at the same time. While they may change places they are forever separated and for ever long each for the other.


In story form this beautifully describes your quest as a Gemini and your overriding need to resolve all the opposites of your outer experience that you may unite the twin halves that exist within.  To recognise, mourn and accept the discomfort of your own irreconcilable duality.  This may manifest partly in a great need to be partnered: more specifically, a great need to be twined. Since childhood it's been a pressing preoccupation, this matter of twinship. A lot of energy having been spent trying to solve the riddle of who belongs to whom, and how to find them! Dylan expressed it in this way.

 " I fought with my twin

 The enemy within

 'Till both of us fell by the road…"

In any case happiness will not be yours until you can look in the mirror and see not only your reflection, but also that of your soulmate.

It is important too not to think in terms of precise correspondences but more in terms of overlaps and associations that broaden your understanding, with this in mind we might also look at fairy tales in which twins feature like ªThe Two Brothers Ωwhere one brother either unfairly or mistkenly kills the other , often over a matter of misunderstood honour.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Gemini's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! One of these can be the refusal of Gemini grow up, beaming forever stuck as the Puer Aeternus or eternal youth (or maiden) who refuses to grow up so that with the passing of years the separation of the twins youth and senex, maid and crone become greater and greater.  Others relate to the twin issues of entitlement and belief that the world owes them something and that of the other chronic avoider who slips and slides through life and uses their verbal agility to avoid being pinned down and who will never be satisfied by anything or anyone because the lack is an inner one.  A final flaw relating to Gemini is their rationalising of their emotions marked by their ability to find excuses and explanations for everything, again we see at play the twin poles of reason and emotion.

These illustrate the concern that if Gemini's cannot face their own oppositeness and contrariness the shadow will inevitable fall on others. Usually siblings then partners as well as friends, or  even a child, any of whom will be doomed to forever act out Gemini's  bad side because this badness must exist somewhere outside, forever separated, but ultimately longing for union within. If Gemini has one task it is to face up to their feelings, to their desires, needs, jealousies, fears and longings rather than projection them.


Gemini cannot admit the reality of anything beyond the intellectual unless he/she understands it with his/her own rational faculties and tests of logic which analyses, sets up systems, proofs and controls. The gift of Gemini on the other hand is to explain to humankind the concepts and principles needed to evolve. They can communicate and clarify through the choice of words, through oratory the exact way of explaining themselves at all times, so as to uplift those around them through the acuity and precision of their thought processes.



Sun in Cancer ~ I belong.

When the Sun is in Cancer the Hero discovers the feeling realm, their sense of personal past, their kin and the impulse to birth the things of their imagination, the inner children of their creations. A mixture of contradictions, shy and responsive yet confident and ambitious, whose task is to disentangle the web of feelings and to develop clarity of thought.  This is a cardinal sign, full of energy and possessing a great ambition to do something in the world. Yet, this driving ambition is difficult to see because of the emotional tensions. For you are emotional, and often sensitive almost to the point of touchiness. Like your emblem, the Crab, you can acquire an outer shell of resilience with a vulnerable interior. For Cancer must have a shell, primarily because Cancer has no shell. Being an emotional creature, you're often given to moods. These can last for minutes or days. No-one, not even you, can tell how long they'll take to pass. For you they're your shell as they allow you to block off external pressures and influences until you've gathered your normal composure.

This can create situations where you often feel hurt by others – intentionally or not – and you feel extremely vulnerable and defensive. You will have a strong concern for family well-being, and will be very emotional and sentimental towards them, with a very private attachment to your mother, mothering and your own capacities for nurture, irrespective of your gender. You often look back towards your childhood, feeling that it holds an important set of memories for you. You can be fearful of what the future holds, and usually you will avoid looking too hard in that direction. You respond better to feelings than to words and sometimes these are expressed as moods as expressions, nuances of  feelings, idealisations, hopes, dreams.

When you reject your intuitive energy, you become very stiff and over rational. It's usually a cover for a wonderful intuitive self you haven't learned to value. It needs to come out; that you need, that you hurt, that you long to belong and cannot believe that you are merely an isolated fragment of life flying through space unto their death. An important part of your quest therefore is to know your own origins, understand your roots, to come to know where you come from, so that you can open to the flow of feelings and nurture the budding consciousness of those you love with your own protective empathy.

Born with the Sun in Cancer your prodigious memory helps you feel connected with the past through a sense of history and emotional interaction with others. Tougher and more  tenacious than you appear, yours is one of the most silently determined of all the signs as you move  cautiously and often circuitously  toward goals  which you rarely reveal until success is assured. You will  be most fulfilled in a field of work providing plenty of  human contact, and a sense of helping to preserve the  traditional values and roots of the family, the  community or the nation. Cancer needs to feel a secure part the familiar, particularly the past, so that their own creative roots may be tapped in order to give birth to the images of their unconscious.


 In myth the crab of Cancer features in one of Herakles twelve labours, in particular during his battle with the nine headed Hydra, when a huge crab emerged from the deep snapping and biting Herakles on the feet and ankles before fastening its pincers on his heel, undermining the hero with this peculiarly characteristic Cancerian manoeuvre. Herakles eventually stomped the crab to death only for it to be honoured by Hera who placed it in the heavens.  This association with Hera, goddess of woman and marriage as well as the continuity and stability of family bonds, clearly places the Crab in familiar Cancerian territory.  In common with Cancer, Hera was  relentless in her jealous persual of Zeus various consorts as well as of Herakles, his favourite bastard son.  While the crab itself is an ancient creature that those inhabits places where earth and sea meet, adapting to the rhythmic flow of the oceans and pull of the ever changing phases of the moon ever buffeted by the sea of human feeling and continuity. 

This sympathy for the flowing, inner nature of things leads to an openness to the idea of 'soul'.  Your moodiness then can become a negative outlet for 'soulful' feelings or even sentimentality and your feeling for things past. These myths counsel you to beware of doing others bidding or of getting others to do yours, of becoming overly possessive or of your tendency to live through others. They inform us that there is a time for opening those emotional pincers and letting go.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Cancer's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  In common with the other water signs Cancers are masters of the art of passive resistance. This is a powerful weapon which, when wielded, makes the individual unapproachable.  Cancerians are masters at reading emotional currents  and playing emotional games, particularly in regard to relationships which they do not relinquish easily. While your moods cannot only be a response but also a weapon, this version of Cancer is of a cold creature, overly sensitive and often sarcastic, carping, critical, and quick to blame others.

Cancer then is sign of great complexity and depth, an enormously creative and protective individual you have a strong desire to screen not only yourself but others from potentially adverse influences even to the point of being over protective. Emotional, fluid, moody, changeable and deeply vulnerable.  A home lover and haven maker whose nurturing influence,  resourcefulness, and instinctive compassion, incline you to generously bestow to others the benefit of your inner spiritual nature.



 Sun in Leo which the Sun rules ~ I create.

This is the Leo quest as Leo individuals experience themselves as their own unique creations which they can fashion into whatever form their quest for mastery they desire as they inhabit most fully the centre of things. Noble and generous you live in the centre of a world circle of your own making and drawing others together in joyful gatherings.  Your pride shines for all to see and although others may offer to help you on the way of your journey you will not accept it, for to take help from another means to deviate from their own unique path, and yet you willingly and generously offer help to others and can frequently be the support upon which others lean.

As a Leo you are attracted toward power, influence and being in the spotlight, where people notice you and where you can perform. If you can achieve such positions, then self-confidence rapidly expands; you will be more successful when you act from positions of responsibility and authority. Yet underlying these needs are feelings of insecurity and uncertainty regarding your abilities; and these need transcending by attaining some success. You have the opportunity to inspire others towards greater achievements, unless you become too obsessed with exerting power and influence over others and become too involved with you own self mythologising tendencies.

Leo is the sign of self-expression, and you seek to express yourself with flair and conviction in all you do. You have absolute faith and conviction in your own capacities which your  self mythologising tendencies may exaggerate conferring your unending belief in yourself seeing everything as an opportunity.   Highly creative, you may choose some artistic form through which to express yourself. Many artists have the Sun in Leo. At the very least, you love beauty and don't hesitate to adorn yourself and your home with fine (and often showy) clothing, furnishings and artwork. Although ultimately you hold your life up proudly as your most noble creation. A very proud creature, and you don't suffer fools lightly. The worst insult you can suffer is public embarrassment. The person who inflicts that kind of humiliation on you is your enemy for life. You tend to guard your personal dignity and self-esteem fiercely.

Master of the grand gesture you are the Sun Sign 'par excellence', in the sense that the Sun itself is your own emblem. Accordingly, generosity of feeling feeds you like the rays of the Sun: you rightly see these as agencies of warmth and regeneration. However, like the Sun, you can become on occasion self-centred, sometimes leading to others charging you with being inconsiderate, perhaps even egotistical. Still, the notion of individualism comes into its own in Leo, for it is natural for you to perceive yourself as being separate from the collective, a force in its own right.

One myth that illustrates the life path of Leo is that of Parcival, the very epitome of the hero on the quest. Starting out as a sort of holy fool living in a forest Parcival chances upon four knights riding past and determined to be like them sets off on his donkey to Camelot.  Combinations of chance, blunder and accident cause him to defeat the red knight whose armour he dons setting off in search of the grail.  When as chance would have it he stumbles upon the Grail King and enters the Grail castle quite early on his quest but fails to ask that most famous question. 'Who does the Grail serve?'  The next morning it all vanishes and Parcival spends the rest of his life trying to find it again.  Their quest, like that of Parcival seeking the vision of the Holy Grail is, first and foreeost, to find and understand the mystery at the core of themselves, that centre or source, which is the true creator and to which they must offer allegiance.

Like Parcival Leo musk ask themselves again and again the question. Who am I? Where have I come from? What is this yearning expression within that is so special that I feel to be so unique?  Leo knows that it is this that makes them individual, and that, which has given them life. Hence their drama, style, flair and show, as they struggle to create their own "self" or unique individual essence. The Hero in Leo here, personifies life in its quest for identity and individual realisation, proud, magnanimous and creative. In the words of Henry Miller ª The aim of life is to live and to live means to be aware, joyously drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

Finally, we need to give consideration to Leo's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! Leo is the great 'I', the ego. Prone to behaving like monarchs what Leo wants Leo must have and what Leo says must remain final after all have they know everything. Another aspect of their darker side occurs when unable to make themselves shine above those around them then they will undermine them, making them smaller instead. Ultimately Leo's quest lies within and it is only when he/she fails or gives up, that Leo will seek instead in an audience.  All of which illustrates the necessity for Leo to find and live their own creativity.

You have self confidence, energy, generous and warm-hearted.  Anything that you achieve in life will be due to your own creativity, leadership, vitality and personal ability. Your love of colour and parade draws you to such things as the stage. The flamboyant display of big emotions by larger-than-life characters, the elevated language, the costumes the performance, all cater for your admiration of the grand event. Indeed, big subjects need big people, and you have a great respect for heroes and heroines, on or off the stage. You must try to guard against becoming domineering, vain or egotistical, the negative side of a Leo sun. Cultivating instead your warmth, generosity, vitality and example and the great gift of your ability to inspire, lead and uplift others, whether on the battlefield, the playing field on the stage.



Sun in Virgo ~ I perfect and I serve.

When the Sun is in Virgo the Hero discovers the fruits of the harvest, the efforts of labours, to capacity to differentiate, to order and the value of service offered selflessly. You will always choose the useful over the frivolous, deploring waste whether it be of time or substance or personality. You are usually careful, efficient and methodical, deriving great pleasure in creating order from confusion and chaos. You will like to put things straight and tidy, to organise your environment and also any people that happen to be there. You have a high degree of common sense, and can be an active thinker who has to put thoughts into practice. You are efficient at handling and working with details in life, and are able to learn new things quickly and easily.

Modest and retiring, you don't like to make a display of your self in front of others being easily embarrassed. While your life-attitudes are fundamentally conservative and traditional,  you are cautious and protective regarding your interests.  Nevertheless, in your own quiet way you seek perfection in people and the world, and can tend to point out faults to others; sometimes, these comments can be too sharp and upsetting, even if your perceptions are generally accurate. Yet when you consciously choose to be, you can reveal a tactful and diplomatic style of expression. You may not always judge yourself to quite the high degree that you expect from others you may find it difficult to feel content with life, yet have difficulty distinguishing which aspects should be changed to improve it. There can be anxiety undercurrents, and through excessive worry your nervous system can be affected. You may need to be careful that excessive work does not place too much strain on your health, as you tend to be one of the consistent and reliable workers of the zodiac.

You will either have, or learn, specialised knowledge and skills which are highly developed because they concentrate on your chosen subjects and you take a deeply professional and responsible attitude to all that you do. A late developer it sometimes takes a while before this knowledge and ability becomes apparent to others because you tend to hide your light under a bushel. Work is important to you, and you need a measure of status within your job and also need to be acknowledged an experts within your field. If you have this status and feel secure in your work, then you will be happy and content; but when uncertainty strikes or when you have to fight for your rights, you lose confidence and become dejected. Conscientious to a fault, whatever task the task you do it in the best way possible and like to think that you are fulfilling your duties to the best of your abilities.  You are quick, industrious, intelligent and thorough, and invariably deserving of recognition. However, a tendency toward self-denigration can often get in the way of recognition leaving you  feeling that you are being made use of, taken for granted, and not accorded the respect which you deserve, this can turn you sour, tetchy and difficult. For some of the motivation behind the go-getter Virgo is a sneaking feeling of worthlessness or a fear of losing what they have gained.

There is a fairly large segment of the Virgo community who seem to defy the usual interpretations of this sign's nature. For one thing, these people can be extremely untidy in some or all areas of their lives. Some are in a muddle at home but fastidious at work.  Some appear to live in perfect order but shove all the mess away where it cannot be seen. Others are simply completely disorganised. The reason for this phenomenon is the theory of 'polarity' in which the very characteristic for which a sign is known is polarised so that the person displays completely opposite traits and habits and which is explored more deeply in one of the myths associated with Virgo.

It is important to understand that to the ancients Virgo had nothing to do with sexual chastity, but was really about being pure unto oneself and beholden to no one. Such goddesses abound in myth and many of them were impregnated, not by men or god but with nature free and uncontrolled and their own life and purpose.  One such goddess is Persephone.  The daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of the harvest, Persephone starts out as the archetypal maiden content at her mothers side. She was such a beautiful young woman that everyone loved her, Hades in particular wanted her for himself so one day, when she was collecting flowers, the earth suddenly opened and Hades rose up from the gap and abducted her.

Broken-hearted, Demeter wandered the earth, looking for her daughter until the all seeing Helios revealed what had happened. Demeter was so angry that she withdrew herself in loneliness, and the earth ceased to be fertile. Knowing this could not continue much longer, Zeus sent Hermes down to Hades to make him release Persephone. Hades grudgingly agreed, but before she went back he gave Persephone a pomegranate and when she ate of it, she became the goddess of the underworld, there bound forever where that she must stay  one-third of the year, for which time Demeter refused to let anything grow and winter began.

Given that Persephone both picked the flower and ate of the pomegranate one can begin to suspect that there was something of her mystery of fate at work here and so far from the victim maiden did she become she that Homer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic queen of the shades, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead, along with her husband Hades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Virgo is  a dualistic sign. In you as in the myth there exists an inherent ambiguity.  A pull between conflicting and opposite imperatives, innocent maiden, queen of shades and an important part of the quest for Virgo is to reconcile the opposing parts of themselves of which your life is an expression.  This might manifest as conflict between outer circumstances and inner necessity, between duty and need, between being a daughter or a wife and mother and being a 'self', between picking flowers or beginning your descent.  When this tension is lost then Virgo either falls into the detail driven nit picking obsessive, fixed, inflexible and for whom nothing and no one is ever right or else a depressed 'shade' themselves.  For some this too, for a time, can be part of the journey. 

This leads us to a consideration to Virgo's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  One is the compulsive perfectionist coupled with an inability to compromise, another paradox in an earth sign rooted  in a material world that really runs to plan, coming to terms with this can lead to difficulties. There are also both the 'know it all'  types for whom it is impossible to contribute and the 'I told you so' types who themselves organise everything down to the last exasperating detail less chaos knock upon their door. Another is the doer all ways doing for others yet quietly resentful when this is not reciprocated.

Contrast this with the self sufficient individual whose mastery and expertise within the physical world is the source of the competence and discrimination required to follow their often lonely quest, of service, humility and inner loyalty, and to accept and reconcile the conflicts that are inherent in a life lived deeply and ultimately for oneself.



Sun in Libra ~ I balance.

In Libra the Hero discovers the reality of the other, of a world full of fascinating others with whom they must learn to harmonise and balance. To learn to accept difference and to weigh up options, reconcile opposites and turn conflict and chaos into peace and order.  The Hero here studies the art of love and diplomacy so that they can interrelate in the best possible fashion, for it is only by coming to recognise the opposites within his/her own nature, and learning to balance them that he/she can relate to others.  You are a pleasant and an agreeable companion, looking for peace in life, but can often be emotionally quick to anger, especially within your intimate relationships. You will try to please everyone by using diplomatic skills, but can create situations where you are indecisive for fear of upsetting someone. Making decisions can be often difficult for Libra, and you would prefer to satisfy all options, not knowing what direction and decision to take.

Tactful, refined, diplomatic and socially adept, you are concerned with saying and doing the 'right things'. You want to make a good impression and to have everyone like you. You enjoy socialising; and your grace, charm and congeniality will be appreciated by others. Your favourite companions often display an artistic temperament which reflects your love of beauty, as found in nature, art, music and literature, as well as asserting free individuality and a dramatic presence which you would like to create as your self-image. Because you are intent on maintaining balance and harmony at all times, you shun strong emotion of any kind. Emotions are too unpredictable, messy and even dangerous, and you prefer to remain detached. Although you are superficially pleasant and friendly, you can be a bit bloodless. Your dispassionate nature, however, allows you to see things in a detached, rational manner; and you might be a master strategist. At the very least, you are good at laying plans, organizing people, and objectively analyzing situations.

You can be idealistic and mentally adaptable, having an intuitive perception which should be used for life-guidance. However, you will also be very impressionable; and this can lead towards romantic fantasising; sometimes a distaste for actual reality; impracticality; plus a distinct changeability to your temperament. What you most desire in a relationship is continual growth and development. If the modes of communication and expression between you and your lover do not change and evolve fairly continuously, you are likely to become bored with the relationship. Or you may decide to take steps to alter it yourself.  For you come to know yourself in relationship and fully through others which requires on going,  growth, change and renewal from both of you.

A fascination for people, as the reflections of your own image, can lead you to luxuriate in the company of others. For better or worse, you are frequently motivated by the desire for universal applause – or popularity – sometimes becoming provocative when the desired acclaim is not forthcoming. The reason you become provocative is because, if it were at all possible, you would actually force your detractors to like you!  Diplomatic, tactful, ascetic, and refined and possessing a great capacity for both physical and intellectual activity, you will often pursue issues even to the extent of amplifying them into moral crusades. The converse of this is your tendency towards impartiality, allowing issues to settle into a state of artificial neutrality in order to satisfy an instinctive need for equilibrium.


One particularly interesting myth that further amplifies Libra is that of Paris the handsome trojan prince commanded by Zeus to judge which of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite was the most beautiful. Hera the goddess of marriage and hearth offered him fertility, wealth, power and rulership offer the greatest kingdom on earth. Athena promised him victory in all battles, together with glory and wisdom – the three most precious gifts a man could have. Aphrodite simple loosened her girdle and offered him  the most beautiful woman in the land, a woman equal to her in perfection of form.

"With her you will experience the greatest delights of love-making. Choose me, Paris, and she will be yours, the most beautiful woman on the earth." She coaxed. Well being a hot bloodied you fellow Paris chose Aphrodite who gave him Helen, never mind that she was married at the time and her abduction was the cause of the Trojan War.  In addition to earning him the implacable enmity of Aphrodite, and Hera!

Here we have seen Paris a most pre eminent Libran  confronted with the necessity of making a choice, knowing that every choice made implies possibilities lost, something inherently difficult for one who would have it all, and with these losses the necessity of living with the consequences of one's moral and ethical decisions.  It is curious that one so cued into harmony and fairness should be impelled into being the unwitting cause of such strife.  It was a case of loose, loose and so to it often is for Libra whose natural tendency is to appease and placate. Yet there's something within the Libra psyche that seeks to divide and split and demand again and again that choices between opposing imperatives be made. That ultimately Libran's might come to more fully know and complete themselves through the deepening knowledge of the processes and experiences of choice, and striving for perfection, and realisation of the other within.

This leads us to a consideration to Libra's shadow qualities or hidden flaws.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic!  One form in which the shadow emerges is that of the extremist who unable to cope with the continual choice life demands takes refuge in simple answers and dogmatic certainties. Another comes from the Libran insecurity which wanting everyone to like them flirts with the world and their own reflections that they see mirrored in the other.  Libra's charm is hard to resist, but at the end of all the sweet words and honeyed avowals it is just a game, all guiles and wit born of their own insecurity yet leading to the heartbreak of others.

Finally, it is interesting too, that despite your reputation for balance, you're really a person of extremes. However, there is one area where you do express equilibrium. There's a place you go to at the back of your mind where everything is perfectly still, at rest – where the scales have found their poise. You express this characteristic through, for instance, a love of poetry: the harmonious balance or words. Or, again, through a love of art, order and perfection of composition. This is your balance, then: projecting your inner stillness into your own environment. Yours is the only sign whose emblem is an inanimate object, the Scales, though you are indeed a thoroughly human sign!



Sun in Scorpio ~ I regenerate and I desire.

In Scorpio the Hero plunges into the element of water, into feeling and into depth, for they inhabit those places where all is not what it seems where the hidden is revealed, compulsions battled and the underworld of their being is intuited as a constant reality.   Scorpio is a sign of immense depth and immense insight whose domain is that which is hidden, such as the secret motive behind the mask of behaviour. It is about the secrets of the soul as they are propelled into a collision with all that is terrifying, dark, and destructive, so that, having weathered their own darkness, they may participate in the healing of the darkness of those around them. Scorpio is a sign of intense penetration and emotional power.

Capable of deep, incisive and analytical thought, your feelings silently vehement and your body capable of extraordinary endurance with a powerful urge to get to the root of any problem. Revealing little about yourself, you want to know everything about everyone else. You are eager to find out what makes others tick, and delve into the secrets and hidden agendas, to understand underlying motivations and desires.  For you knowledge is power which impels you understand human nature – especially the dark side of life – better than anyone which leads you to tend to mask your own qualities, rarely revealing them too openly. You are likely to be extremely determined and resolute, possessing a very powerful will when you choose to use it.  Forceful when chasing your goals and not averse to using subtle forms of manipulation over others to achieve those aims.

You have a powerful, almost magnetic persona, and though you may not say much it's impossible not to be aware of your presence. You also have considerable self-pride, and will not take kindly to being embarrassed or humiliated in any way, and would certainly never forget who it was that placed you in such a position. Your sensitivity and feeling nature is a main source of contact with the world; and usually if someone offends you, causing an emotional reaction, then your perception and future response to that person will be affected from that point onwards. Approaching everything with intensity and passion; nothing is done half-heartedly. An extremist, you throw yourself heart, mind and soul into any undertaking, usually experiencing lives filled with dramatic, even traumatic changes, and transformative situations  It seems that are continually sloughing off old parts of yourself as new parts are being born, so that your life is never static.

Extremely self protective you mask your vulnerability as if your very life depends upon it, which indeed for you it does so that  much of  your activities really are ploys to prevent you from revealing your feelings to just anybody. This can come across as a sort of  hardy worldliness, wherein originates your reputation for intensity, as those feelings which would normally be dispersed throughout the wider spectrum of emotional experience instead become focused, because you use them so selectively, on an individual target.

You like things to run according to plan. If you make your mind up to do something, than that's exactly how it's going to be. You'll persevere from beginning to end, whatever the project, what matters is singularity and fixity of purpose, and above all honesty to your own inner law, totally without regard as to other considerations.


There are many myths involving dragons, demons and many headed monsters that further illustrate aspects of Scorpio's pathway, all contain some sort of out battle with what is in reality an inner conflict. The Hydra is on such monster whose slaying came to Herakles. The hydra lived hidden in a cavern of perpetual night alongside a stagnant swamp. Only to reveal itself, murderous and vengeful after Herakles had loosed flaming arrows into her lair. Towering over her Herakles loped of head after head only to find that three more would appear to replace each one so that he was almost overcome. Finally remembering that the only way to kill the monster is to hold her up in the sunlight he kneels down (genuflects) in the fetid slime and heaves the monster up into the sun where one by one its head started to shrivel, except for the last head which is immortal and buried within it is a precious jewell which Herakles hides under a rock.

Such monsters represent different aspects of the emotional darkness that are Scorpio's lot to battle into consciousness, either most profoundly within themselves or out there is some regressive aspect of society.  Brute force will not suffice and the act of genuflection is instructive.  There is something within that requires both reverence and  the preparedness to enter your own dark caverns and engage with your own slime before rising triumphant.  Also the hydra, be it jealousy, vengeance, resentment, rage, thwarted sexuality, violence is not destroyed, such affects are indestructible, but she is transformed and reveals a treasure. Note also that this is also solitary battle, there is only one jewel, one must go it alone.

This leads us to a consideration to Scorpios's shadow qualities or hidden flaws of which there are just one or two.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you consider their inclusion academic! Possessive, jealous and  possessive again, not to mention unforgiving, when the Scorpio shadow emerges from its cavern it can devote itself single-mindedly to vengeance. However these are often not hidden to Scorpio's themselves, what is that so many of their ideas and opinions are emotional driven rationalisations that can lead to some huge distortions of the objective situation, peddled emotional fixity and  an almost fanatical fever. Another shadow quality is Scorpio's negativity, nothing can withstand its internal wither, and nothing can entice it out of its negative cave, and then there is Scorpios penchant for double standards, after all, they're different.

Your feelings then can swell from small ripples into absolute tidal waves. That's fine, so long as they find expression, and don't become dammed up inside. If this happens – that is, if you allow repression to take hold – your frustration will eventually spill over until those around you suffer too. But the ultimate victim will be yourself: self-recrimination corrodes. But you know all this, don't you? Still, there's no harm in repeating the obvious! Penetrating, enigmatic, compassionate and insightful, you greatest gift is your power to destroy old, worn-out structures and give birth to new ones, to explore the deepest dimensions of yourself and cast light where others cannot, to face their true desires and to experience the power inherent in them.



 Sun in Sagittarius ~ I seek and I aspire.

In Sagittarius the Hero journey is the way of the wanderer, the restless adventurer, the free spirit whose vision soars across far seen lands and reaches new heights and does not respond well to the imposition of orders from others.  Sagittarius' energy is changeable, explorative optimistic and always seeking to understand, to find the larger underlying patterns of existence from which they intuit meaning.  It is primarily this that will keep you seeking all of you life, just as will your struggle with certainty.

You tend to make mental intuitive leaps, trusting your luck and finding that luck vindicates you so that you by pass rationality and logic steps; but sometimes you are too quick jumping to conclusions about things, and then resist changing your viewpoint – even when it is incorrect. You might also be considered eccentric for your values are spiritual rather than material, and you don't give a cuss about what the neighbours might think. You are also honest, sometimes brutally so to the point of tactlessness. However you may not always be fully honest with yourself, there can be certain tendencies for emotional self-deception; a dual sign self-enquiry may reveal both sides to your nature, one bright and amiable, the other broody and insecure and despite your seeming self-confidence and enthusiasm,  inside you often question your personal values.

This sign confers breadth of vision and the ability to assimilate quickly what may be a complex situation. However, you are not usually good at coping with boring details, (any details really). In ignoring the minutiae, you can run into difficulties, often not bothering with the small print. Adventurous, footloose, optimistic, unquenchable, Sagittarian's strive to communicate to others their own sense of the fullness of life, and of the underlying consistency they perceive in human aspirations.

Your glibness, self-confidence and positive attitude make you the life of the party and the initial driving force behind many an enterprise. However, you lack the organization and perseverance to see projects through to completion, and are much better at starting things than completing them. Challenge is essential for you and you constantly need  goal toward which to direct your arrow, this is difficult for you though because your arrow will never reach its ever changing target. Not that anything can pin you down any way.

A classic myth that further describes Sagittarius concerns the figure of Chiron who is half centaur and half god. As a herbal master of healing he knew magic and the wisdom of nature, a sage and a teacher he schooled the sons of kings in these arts as well as ethics and nobility. In a tragic accident he is accidentally grazed on the flank, that is his horse part, by his friend Herackles, by an arrow that has been dipped in the blood of the hydra.  The wound is incurable, his own skills cannot help him, yet he is immortal and can not die and so must ever endure great suffering.  Because of his suffering however his great wisdom increased and he continued his work as the wounded healer, eventually Zeus granted his request to exchange places with Prometheus in Hades.

This myth is salient when we consider that Sagittarius is able to offer meaning and insight to others but often not to himself, for beneath the boisterous generosity and good hearted optimism there often lurks a nagging despair and  sadness.  This is their wound, an affliction to their animal natures, keeping them tethered to the physical, earth bound when their spirit longs to rein free. There is often a sense of duality as part of the experience of Sagittarius. This might manifest as conflict between outer circumstances and inner necessity, a conflict between, vision and reality, between circumstance and necessity, spirit and matter, between the impulses of the animal and the divine.  Somewhere it will dwell in suffering in its cave, be it the job, the spouse, the mortgage, the ailing parent whatever it is that keeps it earth bound, holds you back. 

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Sagittarius.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! The first shadow character that slips is that of the crude, faithless braggart, loud, painful and totally lacking in awareness.  Then there is the dogmatist or bigot who has given up on mystery and spiritual aspiration to take refuge in certainties. Then there is the socially insecure 'Sag.' who needs to  big note themselves by pretending to be in the know. Not to forget the promiser who promises everything in wild unthinking moments of enthusiastic unreality, only to forget them again.

For the rest you have a highly developed sense of morality and principle. You instinctively respond to humanitarian issues, and have a passionate belief in freedom on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Indeed, at times you're overwhelmed by the feeling that a greater power is watching over you, that there indeed might be something 'out there' such that your roving aspiration restlessly impels you to face the dichotomies within, discern the grand design and communicate its meaning and purpose to uplift others.




 Sun in Capricorn ~ I build, I order and I achieve.

In Capricorn the Hero begins to encounter formal structures, devotion to duty and a willingness to fulfil their responsibilities, not only to provide order, stability and material security but also as an expression of practical and social mastery. Your life will be characterised by an impersonal determination to master the environment and then yourself, so that you might shine as an example of the power of the human will.

You are hardworking, cautious, serious and reserved, intent on understanding and constructively applying the wisdom of the past in order to build a secure future. You are  thoughtful, practical, prudent and economical in your affairs, partly as defensives against the vagaries of life and partly because it is important to you to feel admired, respected and appreciated by others. You are not especially emotionally or physically demonstrative, and although you are compassionate, you may find it difficult to display sympathy openly. You prefer to serve others through action, by physical aid in some way, rather than by emotional support, as you are less comfortable with that part of your nature. You prefer to judge others and be judged by them through actions rather than words; to you, words can be many, but few tend to back them up by action.

Among your positive qualities are leadership, patience, persistence and efficiency.  You are also ambitious and willing to work hard for what you want. There is strength and integrity here and you're dependable and confident, so as to give confidence to others. In chasing your ambitions though, you will have to ensure that any failures do not frustrate or embitter you through your loss of perspective on the totality of life.  For you can also come across as dour, fortunately, you have an astringent sense of humour which leavens your essential gravity.


Impelled to build things that last, you are not easily discouraged by difficult challenges ant although you measure success by material security and position you place even greater importance on having endured a long testing commitment that has proved your stamina and ability. For mastery does not come easily, for you nothing does, and darkness and gloom are not unknown to you as attendant parts of your often solitary struggle

For myths that amplify Capricorn it s necessary to look no further than to Saturn /Cronos the sign's ruler.  Cronus rose up to overthrow Uranus /Ouranus the sky god and it was further prophesied that he would be overthrown by his son Zeus and he in turn by one of his son's Apollo.  Ouranus the great sky father found his children so ugly that he had them banished to Tartarus, at the instigation of his mother his son Cronus took to him with a sickle, severing his genitals.  Out of fear of history repeating Cronos swallowed his own children immediately on their birth. He in turn was eventually cast down by Zeus who grew to manhood after Rhea tricked Cronos by substituting a stone wrapped in swaddling cloths as a newborn.

These archetypal father son conquests and father son dynamics are deeply compelling for Capricorn for whom father is the earth itself, the reality principle and his 'bondage' to it and the almost alchemical substance over which, for them, mastery is so important.  For Capricorns it is also the direction the father gives, so that they may well find themselves swallowed up by the tyrannical 'fathers' (or mothers) of society, church, career, or family system and their attendant duties and commitments.  The sickle, an implement used in the harvest, and it's target, the genitals, links this to the fertility sacrifice of the king necessary if the earth is to continue to give forth its bounty.  By extension it links it to something that Capricorn must also sacrifice if the world is to give them their due.  Cronus is both the young king and also the old and with each death comes the cry 'long live the king' ~ the principle goes on.  The spirit Capricorn must serve is a patriarchal one with all its obligatory, attendant structures which demand dutiful service to the end.

It comes as no surprise then that some members of this sign seem never to have been young. Nor are they strangers to dark moods; but their somber outlook binds them all the more compulsively to their obligations and ultimately a hard earned acceptance of the order of things.

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Capricorn.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic! One unacknowledged aspects of Capricorn can emerge as the puritanical disciplinarian, the do as I say, authoritarian bent on imposing the worst aspect of his own 'inner tyrant' on those around him. Another is their conviction that they know best, and knowing best means imposing their view of things everywhere on everything and everyone they can, fate all, it's for their own good. Some of this harks to their greatest failings which usually have their roots in your rigidity, emotional distance and fear of change.

More optimistically though your greatest gift is the structure, order and stability you provide, particularly in the public, professional and social spheres, by your effectiveness in practical terms, and by getting things done, all informed by yout quest to find an unshakeable faith in the waste land of material life.  Capricorn is an influence for prudence, achievement, responsibility, conformity.  Capricorn's are hardworking, controlled, and alone.



 Sun in Aquarius ~ I reform.

In Aquarius in the element of air the Hero expresses ideas, visions, potentials and discovers that the world the platform for their inventive genius and strongly held ideals.  A philanthropist and philosopher whose visions encompass the whole human family. You bring new concepts to everything you touch. Making innovations in social work, spirituality, humanitarian areas and the scientific world. You take the traditional ideas, and bring them into new perspectives.

Always ahead of your time, you are seen by others as a bit different or unusual – an image you encourage. You like to shock people and shake up institutions that have become too rigid. You have the ability to bring a breath of fresh air into stale, stagnant environments. Humanitarian idealism however, is not always easy to live with and you may well fell alone, and as a consequence self doubt, being so much more comfortable with ideas and principles than with your feelings.

You are often motivated by strong ideals, which you try to use as a guiding force in your life. You believe in the values of a co-operative approach to life, but this can clash with your need for personal freedom. You often forcefully project your ideas and thoughts; and idealistic or practical disagreements with others can break down attempts at co-operation.  Ultimately though friendship is your matrix – friendship and truth – friendly, gregarious and progressive you are drawn to new people and perspectives.  You can however also be both stubborn and determined, tending toward inflexibility in your attitudes. Your dispassionate approach can be interpreted as an attitude of superiority meanwhile your air of convinced self belief can cause you to unwittingly patronise those whom you see as unfit or unable to come up to your exacting standards.

Positively though, you are capable of applying great energy towards furthering any cause that you believe in, and are likely to tend towards unorthodoxy and unconventional behaviour, attitudes and ideas; sometimes you can be unpredictable, eccentric, and attracted to anything unusual, at least through curiosity. Involved with the big picture you view institutions not just as impersonal labyrinths serving only those who 'belong', but as potential beacons for the masses, allowing their light to filter from the top down, until all the whole world is illuminated. Always looking to the future though, you do run the risk of losing touch with the present and not learning from the past.

You are very concerned with bringing to the attention of many the ideas, or knowledge, of the few. You see ideas as being the natural property of the world at large and, in the propagation and spreading of them, you will effectively become the servant of whatever cause you champion.  You subordinate your individuality to a wider group for you view society itself as a collective which must accommodate the individual, not as a collective that might create a series of individuals. You're the great humanitarian, the dispenser of insight and knowledge, much committed to minimising the distance between man and his future. You give the wealth of your mind and energy away freely, sometimes for little reward, sometimes for none at all. But for the satisfaction of having been of service. You have done what you do best – communicated the gifts of your spirit for the benefit of society.


A classic myth associated with Aquarius concerns the figure of Prometheus. In the very beginning Prometheus, one of the Titans, seeing the darkness in which people then lived and knowing that life it could be so much more than a short, harsh and brutish existence, took pity and stole some of Zeus' fire.  This was not for himself but was gift for mankind. Outraged Zeus condemned him to a life of eternal torment whereby he was chained him to a rock where each day an eagle would land and feast upon his liver, only so it would grow back again overnight so that his agony could be continued. Eventually he was set free by Heracles.

Fire might be interpreted symbolically as knowledge, divine understanding, creativity power, all of which have a price that must be paid to the gods. This noble, altruistic impulse full of potential somehow goes against the gods so Prometheus must bear the  consequences. Looking at his punishment also symbolically we might see it as an inner torment, eaten up from inside by that most regal of beasts, an eagle. Aquaurian's often embody this sense of being consumed from within, eaten up, with an unease bordering on guilt because their ideals are so lofty and unattainable and can not be lived up to.  Uranus who rules Aquarius, banished his children because he found them so ugly, the vision is always so much moor perfect than the reality, and this especially so for Aquarius whose civilising fervour wants to repress the earthy, the unformed and the repugnant Things, qualities that are also of the world in which where we live, that must also be honoured for Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn. These then are the two gods that Aquarius' must serve.  

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Aquarius.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! There can be self centreness about the unconscious Aquarian, born of his solitary vision and need to liked which impels him to take centre stage and dominate. Another can be the disparity between his collective vision and his personal relationships, what is said versus what is done and finally the need to reform everyone because their way is the only way and the right way. Weird, but shadows are just that invisible and unconscious.

More positively your quest is to contribute your visionary energy to the growth of the collective, to articulate truths embedded in universal ideals that the world around you and the people in it might realise their full potential.  Idealistic, liberal, and broad-minded, unconventional and ahead of your time .  Detached, often alone, even within your group, you coordinate people and concepts according to logical, consistent, civilising principals of right and wrong.  At your best, you are the one who fights for liberty and justice for one and all.


 Sun in Pisces ~ I redeem

 In Pisces, the final of the twelve signs the comes to experience the  fluid, romantic, imaginative and the ineffable at the end of all things, the completion and culmination of all experience, selfless and idealistic.  Sensitive, self-sacrificing, forgiving and compassionate you identify emotionally with the plight of the suffering. You express profound compassion for the bewilderment of the human condition and seek the both the mystical through art, poetry, music, devotion, and your longing to escape from the banal and the mundane.

Generally sensitive, shy, introverted, emotional and compassionate. Peace-loving, kind-hearted and passive, you recoil from all forms of violence, coarseness and aggression. Self effacing your are also easy-going, sympathetic, trusting, kind, loving, charitable and modest; and not particularly interested in drawing attention to yourself.

Potentially, you can be quite creative if you succeed in finding appropriate channels of expression; and the most attractive areas for you will be the arts, especially where you can loose yourself and responses from your feeling nature are evoked. You tend to indulge in daydreams, partly as a form of evasion and escape from the demands of the real world; and you may have to be careful that you do not generate an inner climate of illusions, desires and wishes that prevent you from experiencing your actual reality, or even make you blind as to what is actually occurring; inner unfulfilled dreams can make you lose appreciation of life. As can the rejection or avoidance of your natural creativity natural intuitive abilities, for your more than any sign this is a road to misery.

Yours being the last sign of the Zodiac, it is inevitable that many features from preceding Sun Signs should have their residue in Pisces. This inheritance can be burdensome and produce chaos, or it can give you a broad church of intuitive understanding, and an intellectual capacity of unusual dimension. Such a broadness, when coupled with the receptive qualities of your element, Water, often makes it possible for you to be very open to extra-dimensional activity – what we call spiritualism – perhaps making you an unusually effective medium. Water also has its negative expression: a rampant emotionalism, producing an inability to discriminate the value of things, can give you a tendency sometimes to respond to illusory causes with an unwarranted degree of enthusiasm.

Extremely impressionable you have a gift of understanding, although this may come about by using a psychic faculty which you can unconsciously rely upon to receive information. You tend to 'merge your mind' with another during communication; and information is transmitted, often bypassing the conscious mind.

Your quest is to discover an inner faith, finding a clear direction and purpose to your life; and forms of humanitarian service may be a suitable path to look towards. For see your 'role' as the savior / martyr, and frequently help others at your own expense. Because Pisces is a non-personal sign, more concerned with the universal than the individual, you rarely consider yourself first. In fact, you may neglect yourself altogether: either through sacrificing yourself for an ideal, another person or God, through religious asceticism; or through ignoring your health and your body's needs. For this reason, Pisces sometimes is called the sign of self-undoing. At times, it may seem that you follow the most harmful or unproductive course, or get involved with people who aren't good for you. Your ego isn't very strong, and you may lack self-esteem and confidence. Consequently, your attitudes and behavior are sometimes self-destructive.


The oceanic depths of Pisces suggest more of a folk tale than a myth.  The story of the Sealskin begins with an old and lonely fisherman who steals the skin of a beautiful seal woman while she is dancing on the rocks and demands that she stay with him for seven summers.  The couple are happy enough for a time and in the ensuing years a child is born but by and by Sealskin begins to wither and dry longing for her return to the oceans.  At the passing of the allotted years the husband refuses to return her skin for fear of loosing her.  A terrible battle follows during which the son follows a calling to the sea where a great silver seal gives the boy another skin so that his mother can return to he true home beneath the waves, her son becomes a great poet, singer, drummer and shaman. 

Sealskin is an inuit melusine or mermaid, an otherworldly  creature from the imaginal world who sacrifices herself for a time to honour an agreement she is forced to make. All goes well until the man selfishly and lacking respect for the magical world and the mystery of her origins reneges on his promise. There is a melusine or its male equivalent, within every Pisces, they are the source of immense creative expression and meaning, a sort of daemon or muse, that is until the aged and lonely interior partner will no longer grant them their due. With this they return to their own beneath the waves, leaving their partner bereft, saddened and often taking refuge in hyper rational denial of mystery in any of its expressions.

This negative aspect of this can be your ability to go completely, fanatically overboard, loosing all sense of boundaries.  Aware of how just thin the a barriers between worlds are, you fashion a rigorously cultivated, intellectuality as a bulwark against this, to keep it all the world at arms length, the irrational at bay.

This leads us to a consideration of shadow qualities or hidden flaws within Pisces Sagittarius.  These traits you will probably be able to identify in others just as others will no doubt erroneously see them in you, but because they can't possibly relate to you, consider their inclusion academic, and just for the record! Pisces longing for the otherworldly will accept no limits and their thirst for spirit can come equally from the bottle or syringe. Pisces can also act out the myth of the misunderstood genus, misunderstood and unrecognised no matter how fertile their talents. Finally there is the victim who devotes their life totally to an abusive or ailing partner/parent/child/family system.

You are very sensitive and can perceive others feelings very quickly in such a way that they become your feelings, soaking up the energies of your environment like a psychic sponge. This makes it very necessary for you to spend time alone so that you can get back in touch with what's you and what's not you. Your great strengths are your intuitive connection with the source of all things, of your teaching that many of life's problems are unimportant compared to the real world of mystics, dreams and visionaries beyond the ordinary struggles and trivialities and banalities of everyday life.