The ancients believed that Venus, as the planetary ruler of your Ascendant, exerted a special significance in the lives of individuals born under its influence. Venusian qualities then are a distinct part of your expression Venus being the god or daemon to which you owe allegiance. Called the Chart Ruler, it can give us information about what life will require of us and, with the Ascendant, may describe the kinds of situations the Hero will meet on his/her journey.

Venus, the goddess of the Morning and the Evening, illuminates the path to the stars; no wonder then that, in mythology, Venus/Aphrodite is the goddess of erotic love, self indulgence and beauty. Venus presides over the creation of beauty, harmony and pleasure. Venus represents a potent feminine anima principle; her love is passionate and all consuming, rooted in sensual pleasure and aesthetic delight unconcerned with social mores.

Within you, she embodies your longing for relationship and for love. Venus wants and desires, needs and demands above all else to be special; not just loved, but adored. She is both lover and the beloved, the beautiful youth and maiden forever pursued. Venus expresses all her passions just as extravagantly, not only her loves but also her hates and jealousies.

Venus symbolizes not only social values, but also the exchange of energy with another through giving, sharing and receiving, in that Venus describes one's capacity for relationship. This includes the need to feel close to another, to be comfortable and in harmony, even to the point of being subsumed, and to express the feminine aspects of one's urge toward relating, responding, harmonizing, and adjusting to the sphere of personal relationships, and of quiet, gentle persuasion.

Concerned as she is with the nature of our relationships and visions of self, Venus indicates the ability to see ourselves reflected through the entire universe. This may involve the transformation of one's emotional values and modes of expressing and understanding closeness. Venus is the social and love urge, the need to express affection, and also for sexual passion, pleasure and the erotic. For if the Moon is the mother, Venus is the archetype of the hetaera: these are the two faces of the feminine she expresses.

More heroically, Venus may be experienced as love, sharing, the give and take with others, and one's generosity of spirit as opposed to expressing Venus as selfindulgence, greed, emotional demands, or through restrained, inhibited affections.

When you feel selfindulgent, hedonistic, pleasure seeking and special, when you desire and seek its object, exalt in your relationships, preen and enjoy the beautiful and the lavish, the social whirl and the private encounter, when you freely love and can be loved, can express both passion and sensuality, then you are expressing Venus in your life.