Uranus represents individual freedom, the urge toward originality, independence, the need for change, unrestrained excitement and the lightening flash of inspiration. In myth, he is the creator sky god of the distant and starry heavens whose overarching vision stands behind all manifest creation and seeks to imbue it with divine meaning and purpose. Ruler of the roads less travelled, Uranus, a planet with an unusual rotation and an eccentric orbit, represents creative freedom, individualism and the Promethean impulse to uplift humankind by stealing and gifting fire from the gods.

Uranus is the planet of extremes and sudden change. Often intellectual, it is the force which destroys the old, the constricting, to allow room for the new, the creative, displacing and overthrowing established attitudes which have outlived their usefulness. Uranus symbolises the world of archetypal ideas, the underlying patterns of ideas which support the universe. As such, Uranus represents the need within the psyche to break free of identification with material reality. Often reluctant to let go and fearful of the unknown, yet ironically inclined to bring it about, Uranus makes us let go and shakes us loose. This is because the urge symbolised is to change one's understanding of oneself, one's work, one's beliefs, relationships and interpretations.

Associated with intuitive knowledge, it brings altruism, originality, invention and disengagement from nonessentials. On a sort of quest for moral perfection, Uranus is the dynamic wind, the numinous power which rends the veil of apparent mundane reality, exposing the world of divine mind, initiating sudden, unexpected awakenings. Uranus is characterised by both a respect for freedom and wilfulness, as well restless impatience and, paradoxically, the need to impose it on others, for Uranus can be both anarchic and authoritarian, idealistic, but also antisocial.

These urges may be experienced on your quest as a vision, a vision that transcends yourself and includes a united humanity, moving together on a purposefully directed path toward an altruistic goal informed by truth and liberty. So that when you seek to break free of limitations, overthrow all forms and traditions in a neverending quest for the new and the innovative, when you feel impelled to stand up and create the change necessary in your life, to be your unique self, no matter how different, unacknowledged or strange this may be, then you are expressing Uranus.