The Sun


In every mythology, the Sun is seen as the life giving centre of all upon which all existence depends, the ever renewing face of the king in heaven, the creator and sustainer of all life and the source of the heroic cycle, descending each day to be reborn anew. The centre of creation around which all else revolves, the Sun is the single most important symbol in the birth chart and suggests, by its pictorial representation ~ a point at the centre of a circle ~, that it reflects the individual's deepest urge to become him/herself, quite literally to shine.

Energising, stimulating, wilful and directed, the Sun symbolises one's vitality, potency, sense of individuality, creative energy, essential values, and highest potential. Representing the physical and spiritual heart of the human being, as well as the urge to be, to create, be recognised and to fully express that which is most authentic and true to yourself. The Sun symbolises your myth, the hero, the nature of your journey and your life's task. It describes how you are, how you will experience life and express your individuality. Whether that be heroically, as positive radiation of spirit, creative, generous and loving, or in defeat, as pride, arrogance, with driven desire to be seen as special.

When you are fired by your own uniqueness, when you express yourself truly and authentically as you seek to actualise your quest as the source of your personal fulfilment, when you express the source of your creative identity as a beacon for others, impelled to shine and find joy in being who you are, then you are in touch with and living your Sun.