The Moon


The ever changing Moon is the ruler of the night, where forms are softened and merge. With no protective atmosphere, a dark side we never see, its regularly changing face represents different aspects of the Great Mother Goddess, maiden, mother, crone and the mysteries of the feminine, including menstruation and childbirth, as well as all things cyclical.

Responsible for the ebb and flow of both the tides and of our feeling nature with all its needs, its longing and instincts.

The moon symbolises the urge towards unconsciousness, towards the past, as well as the urge towards immersion in the flow of feeling, which allows the individual to be part of the mass currents of life without undertaking the struggle required for consciousness. The Moon symbolises one's reactions, subconscious predispositions and deepest unexpressed (and because they are preverbal, inexpressible) feelings about oneself; also, one's selfimage and conditioned responses. The Moon describes one's urge to feel inner support and emotional security, the need for inner tranquillity and for a sense of belonging, feeling of rightness about oneself.

Positively, the Moon may be experienced as how one reacts based on inner predispositions, feelings of responsiveness and inner contentment, and as a flowing adaptable sense of self. Somewhat less heroically, the Moon may result in oversensitivity, insecurity, an overactive, inhibiting sense, anxieties and phobias.

When you seek to immerse yourself in the flow of feeling, take the least course of resistance, so as to sink deeply into experience without evaluation or understanding, to allow space in your life for your longings and needs to arise and be nourished, and in so doing access and be touched by deep tides of instinct awareness, then you're experiencing your Moon.