Saturn is the ringed planet and the last planet known to the ancients, because it is the last planet visible to the naked eye; and so, it is the guard of boundaries, limits or structure. Personal and collective, for Saturn also represents consensus reality, the reality in which we all must function in the material world. Saturn represents reality as culturally defined and the limits of what can be perceived with the ordinary mind. Saturn, therefore, is the great teacher, but one disguised as the bringer of pain. Saturn then represents necessity, the material world, the old world, the past, aging, autonomy, aloneness, old age, time and, finally, death. Also called Rex Mundi, the lord of the world, because he represents the harsh restrictions inherent with earthly life.

Associated with the lost state of perfection that could never be restored, Saturn or Cronos, as the Greeks knew him, signified rejection, loss and even despair, suggesting a sphere of life in which you have been somehow stunted or arrested in growth. Where you may feel inadequate, oversensitive or clumsy, and in which you will be prone to overcompensate.

The mythological Saturn devoured his own children in order to protect his own rule and so represents your need to protect yourself, your place in the order of things, against anything and everything, including your own creations that might threaten the status quo.

Saturn symbolises contraction, effort, the urge to defend the self's structure and integrity. The urge toward safety and security through tangible achievement and the need for social approval, the need to rely on one's own resources and work. Consensus reality, father, rules and authority. Either the bringer of woe or source of strength, Saturn brings the first law of manifestation ~ limitation. Saturn strengthens the personality through endurance and persistence. Saturn focuses and concentrates energy and Saturn's counteractive nature gives us the opportunity for introspection, meditation, concentration and disciplined effort.

The base metal of alchemy in which lay the possibility of gold was called Saturn, and this base metal was also considered to be the alchemist himself. Without the Beast, there would be no Handsome Prince and Saturn at his most heroic is both. For through darkness, struggle, and pain come understanding and light. In defeat, Saturn can manifest as self restriction through too much reliance on oneself and a lack of faith; also as rigidity, coldness, defensiveness, crippling inhibition, fearfulness and negativity.

Only when you willingly accept the limitation of your duties and responsibilities with patience and serenity, when you accept the lessons of time with selfdiscipline and selfsufficiency, When you can accept your fears, failings and inadequacies, hurts and wounds, and lay them bare upon Saturn's battleground to be transformed into the strengths that are the promise of both Saturn and time, then you are expressing Saturn.