Neptune is an image that represents the terrifying and the elemental. To the Greeks he was Poseidon, an angry and temperamental god who caused earthquakes as well as turbulent and stormy seas, in which his victims lost their way and had to surrender to his realm.

An enchanter, Neptune symbolises transcendence and the urge to escape from the limitations of the material world, through the sacrifice of the personal "I", of one's self. Neptune symbolises the need to experience a oneness with life, a complete merger with the whole, as well as ideals, illusions, the unreal, alternate realities, confusion and escapism, and the transcendent.

Neptune is the mermaid, the melusine, who draws victims down into the depths of the ocean of collective feeling. As god of the chaotic and the illusory oceans and depths, Neptune is a symbol of the collective feeling which moves us from below to immerse ourselves in the mass. Neptune can manifest in withdrawal from life or in the defeat of the ego, as well as the experience of that experience of the ultimately real, containing all polarities but no distinctions as mystical perceptions of divinity, truth, and nonattachment.

From Neptune, the hero may experience a connection with the whole and a realisation of spiritual dimensions. The capacity to live life as an ideal, with spiritual strength and guidance, but must also confront their escapist tendencies toward the path of least resistance and avoidance of responsibility. As well as selfdestructive escapism, evasion of responsibility and self's deepest needs which comes from the refusal to face one's true motives and to commit oneself to anyone and anything.

Neptune is also the urge toward the disintegration of individual consciousness, the loss of outer focus, and the experience of cleansing through the immersion in the sea of the unconscious. Whenever you experience this in any of its manifestations such as fantasy, romance, glamour, ecstasy, the mystical vision, the nebulous, ineffable, unformed, and the overwhelming, when all about you appears veiled, unclear, intangible and you find yourself for a time in that imaginal realm of dreams, images and illusions, on a search you know not where, for you know not what, only that at its end you will be united with your source, then you are experiencing Neptune.