Mercury is the fastest planet and the planet closest to the sun. Mercury's energy is fast, unpredictable, quick and changeable. Mercury or Hermes, as the Greeks knew him, is the god of roads. He rules the ways in between, the linking routes between different domains or levels of the psyche. He presides over the wanderer, the merchant, the negotiator and the messenger, and all spheres of activity that involve exchange or communication of some kind or other. Hermes is a strange androgynous figure who contains the keys to all knowledge and who carries messages to and fro between the gods and between gods and men. He was in fact the only god who could travel ar will down into Hades realm. As such, he is the Sun's messenger; and while the Sun is the symbol of one's essence, Mercury symbolises that function that enables us to know and express that essence.

Ever logical, reasonable and rational, Mercury is the social butterfly, collecting sayings, ideas, information, facts, trivia, and secrets. While his mischievous nature has earned him the reputation of trickster, Mercury can also represent unexpected twists of fortune and reversals of luck.

Mercury represents the urge to express oneself and what one thinks and knows, and to establish connections with others and to learn. As such, Mercury symbolises the way we not only perceive, but order our perceptions, so that they can be integrated, understood and communicated. Mercury further represents the mind, the link between spirit and matter, soul and personality, or more literally between hands and brain. Mercury is concerned with interpretation, selfexpression, the rational, with mental processes and the capacity to reason, and the ability to perceive relationships, gather facts and transmit images, impressions, and concepts.

Mercurial qualities include restlessness and excitability. Having an insatiable hunger for mental stimulation, Mercury is alert, intellectual, perceptive and versatile. Ruling the nervous system, strong Mercury types tend to be hyperactive and prone to worry. Mercury symbolises the way in which the individual learns and the method by which experience is transmitted into understanding. Heroically, this may involve the creative use of skill or reason and powers of discrimination used to serve higher ideals, and an experience of the awareness of the interrelatedness of all things. More mundanely, Mercury may be experienced as overdosing on the sheer volume of input to which the individual is subjected, leading to superficiality, as well as a kind of amorality capable of rationalising anything. A negative Mercury can be very opinionated and onesided, with a troublesome wit.

Mercury is the urge to communicate, to teach, to learn, to know and to understand. When you are feeling inspired, in touch with your daemon and moved to communicate, when you see things clearly and can make all those "out of the box" connections, then you are expressing Mercury.