The red planet Mars was seen traditionally as hot, aggressive and warlike; in myth, he is Ares, honourable, courageous and indefatigable, the warlord. His first impulse is to fight, to attack, to compete and to win. For Mars glories in the physicality of personal combat, delighting in the challenge, combat and triumph.

On an inner level, Mars will symbolize your need to defend yourself and whatever is dear to you, to fight when necessary for your family, your ideals, your beliefs and your position. Mars represents the ability to know what you want and the energy and capacity to go out on behalf of the Sun and get it.

Within he is the king's champion, there to assert and insist upon the prerogatives of the inner king and his/her Quest. In myth, he is the god of war and strife, as well as the restless and turbulent lover and brawler, thriving on both conflict and conquest, whether of the battlefield, bar or bedroom. As an Eros principle, Mars also symbolizes your need for sexual excitement and gratification. A potent masculine animus principle that represents the part of us that seeks to express our individuality through action, assertion and power.

The Mars archetype, like the god, is present in passionate, intense reactions, energising, for better or for worse, all that it comes into contact with, in an intensely physical and emotional way.

The urge which Mars symbolizes may be seen in the way you go about getting what you want; the quality or mode of your desire, the manner in which you carry out the chase, as well as in the expression of your passions. Extremely individualistic and selfcentred, Mars represents struggles, both within and with others, as well as selfassertion, initiative, physical energy and the drive to act decisively, and to achieve.

All these are an expression of Mars, an energy that can be expressed heroically in the form of courage, initiative, and willpower, consciously directed toward a legitimate aim, or thuggishly expressed as impatience, wilfulness, violence, and the improper use of force or threats.

To conclude, when you assert yourself, defend those things dear to you, stand up for yourself and the things that are important to you, know what you want and go out and get it, then you are expressing your Mars energy.