Dominant in the night sky, Jupiter is the largest planet, larger than all the other planets combined, holding an esteemed place in all mythologies throughout the world. Jupiter was known to the Babylonians as Marduk, Zeus to the Greeks, Jupiter to the Romans and Thor, the mighty Teutonic sky god wielding his creative thunderbolts.

Restless and adventurous, forever in pursuit of future possibilities, broader perspectives, widening horizons and long range ideas that educate and inspire, for everything is meaningful to Jupiter, Jupiter being the meaning making function of the psyche, concerned not only with universal truths and principles, but also with the need to communicate them to others for the benefit of all.

Jupiter also symbolises experiences that move and excite, that invigorate and constantly fill you with new experiences. Astrologically then, Jupiter is symbolic of expansion, trust, wisdom and the higher mind. A masculine urge, Jupiter is connected with the upper reaches of the intuitive mind, the religious urge and the need to intuit meaning, order, hope, growth, the numinous and the divine. Jupiter suggests the way in which one will seek this experience of meaning in life.

Jupiter seeks to expand and carries the ability to grow in physical, mental, and moral directions and is associated with social consciousness. Jupiter also symbolises the mythmaking principle and the urge within the psyche to create symbols and the vast repository of creative power inherent within; as well as the link between the conscious and the unconscious. Jupiter is the prophet, the intuitive seer, the spiritual guide who vouchsafes a glimpse of meaning and wholeness. This may be experienced positively as faith and reliance on a higher power or greater plan, as well as an openness to grace to the self's movement towards improvement. Less heroically, it will manifest as overconfidence, laziness, the scattering of energy, such that things get left for others; also as irresponsibility and the overextending of oneself from idly promising too much.

Jupiter is known as the great benefic and represents roles or experiences that ennoble and enlarge in beneficial ways. So that when you express the need within you to expand and grow, to transcend boundaries and limitations in search of new horizons, to experience life as being on your side, with something larger than you impelling your forward, when you are living out life's quest the Hero Quest, when you see life as an adventure, constantly unfolding, then you are expressing Jupiter.