Situated between Saturn and Uranus Chiron's elliptical orbit makes it very much a maverick planet, its also bridges Saturn, the traditional boundary of physical reality, of known and unknown, and the outer planets, a point through which some of the outer planets represent might become more available, more conscious.

Chiron in Greek mythology was another maverick – one who lives by his own rules – and the greatest of all he Centaurs. A herbal master of healing he knew magic and the wisdom of nature, a sage and a teacher he tutored the sons of kings in these arts as well as in ethics and philosophy. In a tragic accident he is accidentally grazed on the flank, that is his horse part, by his friend Herackles, by an arrow that has been dipped in the blood of the hydra.  The wound is incurable, his own skills cannot help him, yet he is immortal and can not die and so must ever endure great suffering.  Because of his suffering however his great wisdom increased and he continued his work albeit wounded, as a healer, eventually Zeus granted his request to exchange places with Prometheus in Hades.

Chiron then represents the archetype of the wounded healer, and so is intimately linked with your own experience of being wounded in some way. The wound that comes from life's inherent unfairness, unfairness resulting from historical or social realities, from 'accidents' and 'tragedies' that are without individual fault but which individuals must bare. Chiron's wounding is a type of shamanic awakening, in touch with their animal natures the Centaurs were traditionally associated with raw instincts and herein lies a clue in that a greater awareness of our own instinctual roots can help our understanding of these Chironic wounds. The thing wounded is the flank, the animal part of ourselves, on which we stand. Chiron's response also has much to offer individuals wounded by life's unfairness, trapped in suffering, not of their doing and who seek meaning as a creative response to their situation. Rather than succumb to bitterness borne of a sense of 'victim consciousness'.  

These wounds relate to your sense of who you are and how you represent yourself to the outer world, deep psychic wounds that will neither go away nor heal. You may find yourself drawn to people who seem to embody such wounds to the soul (they are usually so much more visible in others).

D.H.Lawrence referred to such wounds as…

 " wounds to the soul, to the deep emotional self

 and the wounds to the soul take a long, long time,

 only time will help

 and patience, and a certain difficult repentance

 long difficult repentance, realisations of life's mistake

 and the freeing oneself

 from the endless repetition of the mistake

 which mankind at large has chosen to sanctify."

Because these wounds are incurable and won't go away we are left with two choices, one choice really, deny them or like Chiron make the heroic choice of entering into a relationship with them, honouring and understanding them, potentially a profoundly transformative experience. The choice is yours!