Traveling, driving and car related dreams

Your car, like your house is another identity symbol, the expression of which is a very strong statement about you. Your car is an even more personal statement than that of the house, especially for young single people who don't particularly identify with a house as such. Cars reveal status, income levels, our perceived place in the social pecking order, and how we want the world to see us. For a man it has a lot do with his sense of virility, the power of his phallus, his sexual drive. For young women it is almost a fashion accessory, an extension of who they are and how they feel about themselves, while for older era it is very much bound up with their feelings of status and independence, particularly from home and family.

Just as people identify with their cars, which often reveal their character, so in dreams cars represents the dreamer, and examining the car in question and then relating this to outer your life can be very revealing.

If the car in your dream is an actual car that you have owned then think back to what was going on for you at that time and what that car represented:

  • Did you love or hate it?
  • Was it reliable or a "bomb" and always breaking down?
  • What are the memories and associations that it holds for you?
  • First cars are particularly significant representing a further expression of independence away from the family.

If there is something wrong with the car it may also refer to some thing wrong with some or other aspect of you. If it is the body of the car it be indicating that there is something physically wrong with the dreamer. If the problems is less visible, less obvious, then you may have to look a little at those less obvious an visible parts of your life. Perhaps there is internal difficulty, stress, worry and overload. Running out of fuel, steering and braking problems are also common themes and refer to running out energy.

  • Is your driving force failing you?
  • Are you loosing your direction and ability to stop or say no?
  •  Are you in control of your life, steering the ship, in the driving seat, so to speak?

Driving can also refer to your driving ambition; it can refer to impendence and mastery if you are the one doing the driving. If you are being driven then it may mean quite the reverse, such as being driven by others or indeed yourself.

Cars that are out of control refer to parts of your life that are out of control and car accidents refer to acts of aggression, either to yourself or to others.