Floods, fires storms or earthquakes

Water is a universal symbol of feeling and the feeling world, fluid and irrational. In particular it represents the unconscious and unconscious feelings. It can be the unformed fluid part of yourself from which new life might emerge, as well as represent those deep and unknowable aspects of your depths. The context in which the water is experienced is very important:           

A torrent or flood, can be a torrent or flood of feeling. A flood is the chaotic expression of life force. Dreams of floods are common around time of mid-life (37 – 44), or with women around the change of life at the of menopause, when rigid preconceived ideas must be swept away, when important outer changes are under way and you feel that if you don't find a way to change with them that you will drown.

Drowning itself is also a common dream motif; it usually refers to the experience of being overwhelmed, or overcome, some way. It can also indicate pushing things back into the unconscious, or of resisting conscious awareness about some aspect of yourself. Similarly, a raging flood, or river can refer to the expression of your own feelings of rage.

  • A dam is suggestive of attempts to hold life or feeling back, keep it dammed up so to speak.
  • A spring or fountain often represents something very special, the font of youth, a source of healing and of re-connection with your spiritual nature, and highest potential.
  • A river may be the river of life, of your life.
  • How does it look, dangerously fast with jutting rocks and rapids; or slow, languid, mysterious and deep?
  • Peaceful and reflective?
  • What adjectives best describe your river?

A river that needs to be crossed, is often telling you of some important crossing, or change, known or unknown that you face in life. A raging river or raging flood will refer to some raging part of yourself, or to your unexpressed or unexamined rage.

Tidal waves or tsunamis can the about the submerged and destructive aspects of yourself that are rising to the surface and are sweeping out of control.