Dreams of losing and/or finding things

The things that get lost in a dream reveal a lot about you and what is in your mind at the time. Remember that everything in the dream is you or a part of you and your identity. Lost keys, handbags and are recurring motifs in dreams and the dreamer is often left feeling vulnerable as a result. These are very personal things, such as handbags wallets containing money, credit cards, identification, driving licenses’ and membership cards. They reveal much about you and your essential identity, you are and what you do.

  • Are you being authentic?
  •  Exactly what has been lost here?
  • Does it relate to your essential self?
  • What exactly has lost here, your sense of self and purpose?
  •  Perhaps you have been working hard lately and the outer demands and responsibilities of your life have slowly taking over to such a point that now you need to stop and do a reality check.

When you loose keys, usually car and house keys, you have lost your ability to get where you want to go, or as with house keys, to get back home, all that it represents in the form of safety and security.

When you find these things, either in the dream in which they were lost or in another dream it can show you way to get back on track, and show where, who or what it was that was responsible for that part of what went missing. The part of you represented by whatever it is that gets lost and has gone astray?