Numbers in dreams

The numbers that stand out in dreams are often surprisingly accurate and provide reliable clues as to the meaning of the dream. These are not always immediately obvious, for the unconscious mind seems to delight in juggling numbers in many fascinating and curious ways.

However the numbers that occur in dreams are always meaningful in some way even though they may not be what they seem. Numbers in dreams can often refer to ages as well as dates and may in fact correspond to things long forgotten by the conscious mind. So give thought to birthdays or anniversaries for the dreams that occur around these times can be particularly significant. Anniversaries of deaths should not be overlooked here, nor should be the ages of the people in question who have died. If you are a particular age in a dream then give some thought to what was going on for you at that particular time.

Some useful starting points are:

  • Is the number lucky for you or significant in any way? For instance the street number of a house that you have lived in, a phone number or part of a number plate on a car you once owned?
  • Does it correspond to an age and if so what was going on for at that age?
  • Does it refer to a number of years, months or days ago, and something significant that you associate from that time?

The associations you have with particular numbers are highly individual and these associations should provide you with your starting point. However, numbers do have meanings of there own and some of these will be covered next:

ONE ~ may refer to good old number one, that is, YOU, or a sense of oneness or aloneness.

TWO ~ is the number of opposites, and divisions, as with for instance, two halves, or two ways of looking at things, or two may refer to couples especially if you have a partner.

THREE ~ stands for synthesis, and can refer to the solution of a conflict. Also for childbirth, and so new beginnings.

FOUR  ~ is the number of wholeness, totality and the completion of a cycle, of integration and order.

FIVE ~ is the number that relates to the physical body and the physical world, it is the number representative of life itself.

SIX  ~ refers to trial and effort, it is the number of the human soul; it is a number of ambivalence and equilibrium, as well as union of opposing forces. It may also refer to sex, not only because of the closeness of the two words.

SEVEN  ~ is a sacred number in many traditions and symbolic of perfect order. It represents a complete period or cycle within itself and occurs in many contexts to suggest intervals of significant change. It is a number linked to the moon and so to the feminine and in particular to feminine initiation.                                                         

 EIGHT ~ twice four, eight is the number representing regeneration, it can refer also to infinity, turned on its side it forms the infinity symbol.                                                 

NINE ~ is the nine months of pregnancy, the highest digit it is the number of culmination and peak of achievement and it is also the number of truth.