Guide Figures

Guide figures such as the Wise Old Man or the Wise Old Woman, are both very significant and positive figures in dreams, they can signify that you are in touch with that wiser, all knowing part of yourself. It can be your highest potential beckoning you from the future.

Guide figures also come in less obvious guises, such as that of taxi driver, tram or bus conductor, boatman, in fact any figure who assists in crossings or transitions. This is the part of you that guides you through the various journeys and changes in your life, a sort of inner ferryman. And, just as traditionally ferrymen must be paid, so it is that your inner ferryman must also be paid, that is acknowledged and valued.

Dreams are multi-layered and multi-dimensional and contain within them aspects of the past, present and future, the common place and the bizarre, the personal and the collective or universal. Any person or animal that acts as a helper, messenger is extremely important. With the breakdown of importance of the church in present society/ the unconscious needs to find contemporary figures to represent and carry religious themes. In the dream world temple priests and priestesses may be replaced by shopkeepers. Nothing in the dreamshould be overlooked, everything is packed with meaning.