The workplace

Your work provides you with, among other things your social identity. It represents what you do in the world, and how the world defines and categorises you. It is also a place where you spend an enormous amount of time, so it should come as no surprise that your workplace should figure in your dreams.

First jobs are powerful watersheds in life and so often figure at later, times of change and transition.

Consider the dream a metaphor for some social aspect of yourself that needs examining.

  • Who are the people in the dream, and what do they mean to you?
  • Are they sociable helpful types or are they huge "pains?"
  • What's going on for you at work at the moment, are you secure, fulfilled, feel taken for granted, or is it in a state of transition?
  • Alternatively, dreams about a present place of work may refer to the fact that you have been overdoing it a little, that work worries are still buzzing around in your head, and that you need to unwind.

Dreams about old work places should be looked at in context with what that job meant for you, how old you were at the time, and what it was that characterizes that particular phase of your life. You will also need to consider the people in the dream, who they were, what they represent, as well as your associations with them:

  • Was it as secure job, a fulfilling job, or just a stepping-stone, and what part did it play in terms of your overall career?
  • Why and how you came to leave it may also be relevant?