Ones home, or house is a common enough symbol in dreams for ones inner abode and dwelling place, providing a very neat metaphor for many aspects of our life, and for the self, both inner and outer. Just as people identify with their house, which is considered to reveal their character, so in dreams the house often represents the dreamer, and examining the house in question and then relating this to your outer life can be very revealing. Dream houses then, are often huge and rambling with many levels and many rooms, some secret and hidden, for example:

  • Is the house warm and inviting, or strange and ominous?
  • What shape is your house in, is it strong and enduring, is it a house of bricks, or is it perhaps a house of straw?
  • How strong are you emotionally at present, robust and ready for anything, or fragile and in need of support?
  • Do you find yourself in strange and unknown rooms, lofts or cellars?
  • Are you up in your head too much, or down in the basement of your unconscious?

These dream images often accompany new realizations about ourselves, previously unexplored talents, skills or facets of our personality.

  • Does the house need work done on it? For instance are there family rifts in need of repair, relationships to be rebuilt, and some inner work to be done.
  • Do strangers live there, perhaps some unrecognized part of yourself to whom you should perhaps introduce yourself?
  • Are the curtains drawn, is your outlook blinkered in some way?
  • Is the plumbing a problem, how’s your sex life at present?
  • Perhaps the difficulty is with the roof, or maybe the foundations
  • Try playing around with the idea of the house as a metaphor for different aspects of yourself and see what you come with. How is your inner house, do you have that in order?