Dreams that remind you of films or stories

If when thinking about a dream you are reminded of a scene, or a particular character, from a film, or book for that matter, give a thought to the film and what the bare bones of its story might be.Is there anything about the plot or even sub-plot that relates to you and your situation. Hold the film in your consciousness along side the dream and see what connections arise. Most major films, as well as great stories depict many aspects of what we might call our own hero quest, our own struggles when the odds are seemingly stacked against us and we must pit ourselves against forces beyond our control.

If it is a film character that you dream of consider the qualities portrayed within that particular film role, are they the hero or the villain, be they Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, two characters from the Star Wars Trilogy, which incidentally is one of the more common films to appear in dreams. Another such film is Back to the Future, a film in which a son returns to the time of his father’s youth. Common dream figures are those of the film or T.V. characters of our youth and childhood. Consider also the film star as a person and consider what your impressions and associations are concerning them.

If the aspects of the film that you associate with are unpleasant it could be an unpleasant part of your self, or your life with which you don't want to be associated and so have removed yourself from. It is a way by which your dream distances you and gives you an objective picture of what is going on for you.

Glamorous larger than life public figures, such as film stars who are featured in dreams will often correspond to your own inner ideal of the perfect san or woman