Just as in many so called, primitive cultures different animals are given different human characteristics, so it is that in dream life different animals depict different aspects and relationship to human nature. In animal dreams the animal is a metaphor to describe some or other aspect of your personal experience.

Look at the archetypal symbolism related to the animal, fairy tales and mythologies also have stories of animals.

Animals represent the instinctual nature of the psyche, they have good instincts for loving and living for community life, for feeding, for hunting, mating, resting and playing.

Some animals have more universal associations such as, for instance, a horse represents power and energy, a bull, sexual passion, creative power or blind rage. Rabbits imply fertility and rats’ diseases, snakes relate to sexuality, but also have a transformative aspect.

Cold-blooded animals usually refer to the cold unrelated inhuman aspect of the instincts, while domesticated animals may suggest those passions that were never very formidable.

Birds can refer to feelings of liberty, the soaring eagle for example. To be as free as a bird, or indulge in is flights of fancy or the imagination, another example. Maybe  the bird is caged or has a broken wing in which case the reverse may be true.

When you dream about a particular animal, you also need to give a thought as to what that animal might represent for you. What are your personal associations and experiences, what does the animal remind you of? Family pets, for instance, when they appear in your dreams often return you to the time when you had the pet, and what that meant in terms of the course of your life's development, they are often very unifying additions to a family and provide a common bond.