The strange &/or threatening man

If you want to nurture the Heroic side if yourself, you must nurse it with both your masculine and feminine natures. ~ Robert Johnson

In the dreams of women, strange men often represent the masculine sides of their personality. On the highest level this inner man, or animus, acts as a bridge to the self. He personifies a woman's capacities for courage, spirit  truth and is the  connecting principal to personal creativity. These figures appear when the relationship to these inner qualities is being questioned or challenged. This reminder may come in troubling and disconcerting ways with the appearance of strange and threatening men, from the highest hero to the lowest rake. The figure that appears in the dream is a good indication of the level of development of this inner figure.

The initial entrance of this inner masculine figure into dream-life may be as a very basic image of masculinity, as a muscle man or bare chest labourer, a dark powerful gypsy figure, or henchman type that you somehow know is after you with what can be experienced as a terrifying ruthlessness, and whose very darkness, masculinity and behaviour are threatening. Threatening in every way, not just sexually, but physically and emotionally as well.  This threat is very real.  What is threatened is your conscious and comfortable way of looking at yourself.

Over time, as your acknowledge and therefore honour these figures they usually become less threatening, and more human, in your dreams they appear as people that you can relate to, learn from, and be guided by, but this takes time, sometimes, many years. However the mere fact that you are exploring your dreams in such a way now shows that you have well and truly begun the process.

Unknown male figures in the dreams of men usually refer to unknown shadow qualities that are as yet still consciously unaware of.