Friends and Lovers

We all have an idea or inner image of the perfect man and woman and so often lovers and or sexual partners in real life represent aspects of our own inner ideal. This ideal is expressed most poignantly in the form of our first serious love. Which is why this is such a powerful experience in our life, and the person with whom we had that experience is often a frequent visitor in our dreams bringing with them all the old yearnings and expectations of completion and bliss that we once experienced. These first explorations of our sexuality and ourselves are incredibly formative and occupy a huge space in our psychic life. Asking what it is that person represented for us at that time of our life can be an important starting point. Often it will involve the sense of completion, and the feeling of being re-connected to our source and power.

Whether male or female, we all have a masculine side and a feminine side, often past lovers, when they appear in dreams are an attempt to bring to our awareness aspects of ourselves, that we have been neglecting, such as our unlived other half, be that masculine or feminine.

The importance of remembering that, in some form or other, every aspect of a dream, is in some way or other, an aspect of you, cannot be underestimated. Particularly when there is an intense emotional, psychic or familial involvement with this person.

An opposite sex figure appearing in your dreams is the psyche’s way of representing the qualities if the opposite principle to you, either your masculine or your feminine, depending on which one you have been consciously developing in our outer life.