Children & Childhood

Dreams set in childhood are very common and when we think of all the promise and wonder of those special years it is no wonder. At one level the dream might be making a connection with your own inner child and child like qualities of innocence and wonder or perhaps the dream is bringing up a parallel issue that is confronting you now that you first encountered in childhood. In thinking about these dreams in this way it can be useful to ask yourself:

  • How old was I in the dream?
  • What was going in my life then?
  • Is there a connection between the events and age of the dream and the events and experiences of my life now?

The answers to such questions can give powerful clues, not only as what the dream is about but also ways of dealing with related issues in your adult life. If you have children they often bring to our dream awareness any of our own unfinished issues that were important for us when we were their age. This is especially so of same sex children.