Dreams about other people

Other people who feature in your dreams, if they are not simply

there as themselves, will usually fit in to one of three main categories.

(i) They may be there for one aspect of their character only as sought of caricature.

         (ii) They may represent an aspect of your own inner life.

        (iii) They may represent some one who is more significant to you than you  realised.

If the person is someone with whom you are closely involved then their role in your dream will refer to that in some way. If however you should find yourself at a loss as to why they are there then invariably they will stand for something or someone else. To reflect on some of the following questions might be helpful:

  • How would you characterise that person, what sort of person are they?
  • Are they energetic go-getters, or lethargic no-hopers?
  • Where do you know them from, work, a party, friend or acquaintance?
  • What does that person represent to you?
  • Where do you know this person from, if it is your work, dream may well relate to issues that relate to your work?

It might also be that the person in question represents an idea or quality. An idea or quality that you need to give some thought to integrating into your own life. Whatever that is, the fact that the dream's message is disguised in the form of someone else will mean that it represents qualities within yourself of which you are unaware, and perhaps will make you squirm most uncomfortably as the penny starts to drop.

Sometimes people appear in your dreams simple because they have a name that has some other meaning for you, or may refer to someone else with the same name, or else they may even refer to something completely different do the surnames Wall, Carpenter, Britehope or Goldsmith.