Colour in dreams

Most dreams have some colour in them and this can be another way of intensifying certain aspects of the dream. So if you feel that a particular colour tone is dominant then that can be an important starting place for your inquiry.

  • What is the context in which the colour occurs?
  • So what does the particular colour mean to you?
  • What memories or associations does it hold, and what does it remind you of?
  • Do you know any person, or thing, a street perhaps, of the same name as the colour?

In general bright colours signify elation, vitality and spiritedness, while predominantly drab colours can indicate depression and low spirits.

RED ~ represents intense emotions, passions and desires, sexual excitement, blood and anger as when you "see red."

GREEN ~ can represent growth, life itself and hope. However it can also indicate jealousy and being green with envy.

BLUE ~ represents the sky, the intellect and cool mature reasoning, although dark blue might represent the sea, feelings and the unconscious. Blue can also be depression, as when you feel blue.

YELLOW ~ symbolises communication, intuition, although it can also refer to cowardice.

GOLD ~ represents the Sun, it is a masculine symbol and also represents the self SILVER ~ symbolises the moon and everything associated with your feeling nature, it is a feminine symbol.

PURPLE ~ represents power, and authority, it is also the colour of  kingship.

PINK ~ is sensuality, feeling in the pink, it can also point to the illusory as with "rose coloured glasses."

ORANGE ~ can refer to the religious, the spiritual as with saffron robes.

BLACK and WHITE ~ can indicate things that are just that, black an white, or positive and negative as well as representing other opposites or polarities.

Ultimately though, you the dreamer are the only one who can pin point the exact meaning of the colour in your dream. It is also so that: Some colors exist in dreams that are not present in the waking spectrum.  ~Terri Guillemets