Authority figures such as Teachers & The Police

Authority figures such as the police or teachers are very powerful images in our inner life and often appear in dreams. They usually refer to forms of external authority or the social conscience. Perhaps you are confronting or re­-experiencing, via your dream, some issue that your ego can't fully resolve; or else the appearance of the police or teacher figure prevents you from doing something.

Teachers, especially our first teachers, in common with other authority figures, like the police often bring to our awareness aspects of our relationship to outer authority in general, and our relationship with our own father in particular. Old attitudes tend to get projected onto new situations and the dream is perhaps trying to call your attention to some equivalent problem.

Once again the context of the dream will be instructive, as will your own relationship with your conscience that is your own inner police. Here you might ask:

  • What is it that this teacher is trying to teach us?
  • Are the police helpful or threatening figures?
  • Do they come to your aid or prevent you from some course of action.
  • Do you end up in prison?

Authority figures such as the police, teachers or judges might also represent ‘the conscious mind which may be controlling or hindering the rest of the personality.