Dreams about flying and/or drowning

Flying has been a very powerful fantasy from time immemorial and flying dreams can be an expression of a wish to escape, flee and take flight from the ordinary, everyday humdrum existence of life with all of its attendant responsibilities.

Flying dreams are usually quite ecstatic, having this wonderful combination of freedom and control. Sometimes the feeling can be almost sexual, as can some of the imagery, as for instance if you are in the "cockpit" of a plane or steering with the "joystick!" Alternatively, flying dreams can equally refer to soaring ambition and the need to keep one's feet planted more firmly on the ground.

The sense of soaring and gliding can be very healing and bring with it the experience of being whole. The danger comes from flying too high, like the mythological bird, Icaras and your wings melt. Perhaps you have overestimated your abilities and are heading for a fall.

Again the context and the circumstances are vital to an understanding of what the dream means to you. Exploring some of the following question should give you a few clues.

  • Are you floating, having trouble staying grounded in the everyday world?
  • Is there a sense of escape and flight from something?
  • Are you close to the ground, or a long way up?
  • Where does the dream take place, and who is with you?
  • Where in life do you experience these same feelings?