Being naked

Being naked or being caught naked, especially at inappropriate times and places, is another common theme. The emphasis is almost always on embarrassment and can represent:

  • Embarrassment, mortification, showing oneself as naïve.
  • Why are you so exposed?

There can also be some references to complete honesty and truthfulness, you are concealing nothing and in a naïve sort of way may be taken advantage of:

  • What in your waking life is too naïve or open?
  • Through not having a strong persona or outer mask to wear one is unable to shelter and protect oneself.
  • Showing up as a ‘newborn.’

Clothes comprise such an important part of our social persona, to be without them in public is to be seen through, to be seen as you really are. This may bring up fears of your shortcomings being exposed for all to see, or fears that if you were to be your true self people would disapprove. You experience yourself as stripped bare in some way.

The circumstances surrounding this are most important:

  • Who are you with in the dream?
  • What are you doing, do you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, or nonchalant?
  • What is being revealed, have others noticed, are you the only one who appears to be bothered.