Birth. Death. Marriage

Birth, death and marriage are the few major initiations and transitions still recognised in our culture. In dreams these rites of passage are usually symbolic, for example pregnancy in a dream may well imply the possibility and potential for new life. Birth can take place at many different levels, from birthing some new enterprise into being, to giving birth to a work of art.

Dreams of death can be very disturbing because they remind us very powerfully of our own eventual death, but if we look at them symbolically and to see what it is in our life that is dying or passing away we can get a different perspective of things:

  • Ask what is it that has died or is dying?
  • What aspect of my life is this referring too?
  • Has rigor mortis, indicating a constricted, rigid and fearful outlook, set in?
  • What facets of my personality can this be referring too?

In some cases the death may simply refer to a retreat from life, or a separation, such as changing job, moving or leaving someone or something.

In many traditional cultures marriage was seen as a death from the brides point of view, she died to her old life as a maiden and was given or taken away, so that in dream-life weddings and funerals can often be interchangeable.  In this way dreaming of a wedding may refer to some new beginning or life change and what is about to take place in your life.

Many such dreams can be very anxiety provoking, because they activate ancient memories and fears, memories for instance of your own birth and fears of your own death, recognising the actual day to day experience that the dream refers to can be a source of much relief.

Remember too that your inner self is in touch with much more of your life twins your conscious self can be and may anticipate the events of your waking life by quite some time. Remembering too that every thing within a dream represents a different aspect of yourself, dead people may represent dead or dying realities in need of attention. Although the mere fact that you are involved in the process of unraveling the meaning of your dream shows that that process has already begun.