What is needed is a massive rebirth of the heroic …


The ailing king herod

Ailing king whose kingdom is failing

Whether by choice (usually the hero's position) or by necessity (usually the heroine's situation) a person heeds the call, because not to do so is a form of death, and in doing so the stuff one is made of ~ the soul ~ emerges as challenges and losses are met on the journey.
Shortly before his death in 1961, Carl Jung was asked if he felt that mankind could survive. His answer was yes, if enough people would do their inner work.
Now more than ever, some five decades later, what is needed is a massive rebirth of the heroic, of courage, and a willingness to engage the inner worlds, dreams, fantasies and the symbols contained therein. For it is into this shadow land, the kingdom of the ailing king and the idiot son that we must journey, recognising that they, along with the sorcerer, the dragon, the witch and the evil stepmother, as well as the beloved are all parts of ourselves. And that they must all be honoured if we are to redeem the outer world, and the slide into unconscious annihilation.
As always, we make the path by walking. For some, it is right that the Hero picks up his/her sword and charges into the heart of the abyss within, into the mouth of the inner dragon, or into the interior castle under the spell of an evil omen. Just as, at other times, the Hero must outwait the darkness and the invisible demons that assail him or her, both within and without. That, in the end, the King might be healed, that crops might grow again, and the inner marriage of the prince and princess may occur, that wholeness once more might reign over the kingdom. 
In the words of Joseph Campbell: 
"There is what I call the hero journey, the night sea journey, the hero quest, where the individual is going to bring forth in his life something that was never beheld before."

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